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Tag: accessories

A Quilt, a Bag, and a Cosplay

Despite the lack of posts I have been rather busy with sewing projects this last month. Since none of these are true clothing items, I’m going to lump three smaller projects into one big post! First up: A Little Quilt (a quilt, with bonus Peanut!) I’ve been cleaning my sewing room and stash busting like crazy lately. Deep in a drawer sat a bag of pre-cut fabric strips which were intended to become a quilt…

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An Amy Butler Bag and Teaching

Some unexpected news for me – I got a job offer to teach a sewing class over at Remnants:fiber[culture], a quilting/fabric store not far away from my house. My first class will start on June 8th and I’ll be teaching how to sew this monster size tote bag, Amy Butler’s Spice Market Tote pattern. I’ve never taught a real class before so I’m going to try my best to be prepared. I recently talked about…

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Shopping bags – for the environment!!

Austin recently enacted a ban on all disposable plastic shopping bags at grocery and retail stores. Now, I know that in Europe and other progressively minded places elsewhere in the world this is the norm. You can’t just go buy your granola and yogurt and expect them to give you a bag for free in Prague or wherever. You either gotta buy a bag or carry that crap home on the metro while people give…

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Burdastyle Sewing Handbook Bag

Sorry for being MIA this last week or so. I swear I’ve been sewing a bunch but taking time to take pics is hard. But now I have much to share with you! The Goal: This month’s Bibliostyles was a choose your own bag-book. Pick and make a bag from any book and come in and review it. I don’t own any bag-only books but I wanted to make the handbag from the Burdastyle book…

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Travel Sewing: Train-Style Vanity Case from A Bag for All Reasons

Something about this last vacation made me interested in sewing useful things for travelling. Maybe it’s because I finally got to use my travel pillow I made months ago (and it was amazing! I could actually sleep on a plane! AH-mazing!!). I’ve even been making a list of my ultimate travel sewing projects (because why buy luggage when you can make it!). You can read my ever expanding list after the review. (source: u-handbag) This…

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The Crafter’s iPhone Case, or, another way to easily impress your friends

By now you may have seen these puppies on the interwebs. Or maybe you haven’t, in which case (no pun intended) check it out! It’s a cross stitch-able iPhone case! You can make whatever design you want and show off your crafty styling to all your friends. Who really needs an Otter Box, anyway? 😉 Earlier last year you could only order these cases from poorly translated Korean websites but now they’re all over the…

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One Yard Wonders – Orangizer Wallet

I’ve already made something from this awesome book! I like making wallets. Even though I already have a bunch of handmade ones I just love sewing all the little pockets and feeling organized when I finish. I wanted to make this wallet because my old oilcloth wallet I was using was getting torn up and the magnetic snap wallet had ripped through the oilcloth. I intended to re-use the magnetic snap on this new wallet…

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Gold Tip Shoe Restyle

I have a funny story for you – About three weeks ago I visited my extended family. One night we went to meet my cousins who rent an RV space at a lake in the area to camp. Not expecting to go to a camp ground, the only shoes I had were some patent nude flats. It was cold that night so I sat by the camp fire to keep warm. It wasn’t until later…

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