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Tag: accessories

Stand Up Oil Cloth Zipped Pouch

Guess what!? I’m going to Chicago for a little vacay in less than a week! And I was thinking about how I don’t have a single make up bag that is big enough to fit all of my necessary travel items. I mainly needed a bag long enough to hold my tooth brush and fat enough to hold all my smaller things like eye shadow and mini size lotions. And since I had plenty of…

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Scarf with trim

I’ve been gone for while to visit with family but now I’m back! Funny, because it seems like a lot of my blog reader list was on a little break, too. I don”t have anything fancy to share this time but I did make a cute scarf. Right now it’s tied to my purse. I bought this fabric (a cotton silk blend) while I was away on Girls Weekend – a little vacay held once…

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Dia de los Wallet

I’m coming down with a cold and being sick makes me grumpy and lazy. I finished this wallet two days ago but I haven’t shared it because I had hoped to make a pattern for it. I still intend to draft the pattern (it’s pretty simple, mostly rectangles) but it is difficult to find the motivation when you’re hacking up your right lung. For now I’ll just show it to you. Remember this fabric I…

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Regular Scarf to Infinity Scarf #2

Last week I posted about how my cat Peanut likes to chew and eat things that are not food. Like for instance the tassells on my scarves. Yeah, for real. My cat is awful. And this was one of my favorite scarves, too. So to remedy this situation I decided to make this scarf also into an infinity scarf. The scarf was much shorter than the other one I fixed but I like how it…

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Using Scraps: Checkbook Cover

My boyfriend, Justin, detests checks. He thinks they are an antiquated idea and refuses to use them. So it is no surprise that I am the one who pays all the bills. Assuming you use checks here’s a fun short project to do if you have big enough leftover fabric scraps – checkbook covers! As you can see, I’ve made more covers than I can use myself. Maybe I’ll give them away as gifts. To…

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Regular scarf to infinity scarf

My cat, Peanut, likes to eat things that aren’t food. Things like iPod earbud wires, computer cables, video game controller wires, yarn, fabric belts that go with shirts, elastic that I was about to sew with and also (the reason why Peanut is not allowed to go into the bedroom closet) tassels on my scarves. I knew she had eaten off the fringe on a few of my scarves but it wasn’t until I was…

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