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Tag: cosplay

Star Wars’ Rey Cosplay

Happy Halloween!! This year I stayed home to hand out candy to trick-or-treaters (and maybe eat all some of the candy myself) but I wore my new Rey costume from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. This cosplay isn’t screen accurate – for one, the color was hard to get right. In some stills from the film, Rey’s outfit looks more gray than beige. And obviously many of my details aren’t the same as the movie’s…

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Game of Thrones: Margaery Tyrell Cosplay

This whole costume turned out much better than I anticipated so be ready for an abundance of photos in this post. If you want to see more pics, check out my Flickr album. I also promise to keep this post as spoiler free as possible. So, why Game of Thrones? Why Margaery? Well, the costumes on that show are fantastic. And GoT has no shortage of fabulous lady characters of all types but I like…

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A Quilt, a Bag, and a Cosplay

Despite the lack of posts I have been rather busy with sewing projects this last month. Since none of these are true clothing items, I’m going to lump three smaller projects into one big post! First up: A Little Quilt (a quilt, with bonus Peanut!) I’ve been cleaning my sewing room and stash busting like crazy lately. Deep in a drawer sat a bag of pre-cut fabric strips which were intended to become a quilt…

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Cosplay Complete!

Hey readers, it’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted but I feel like I have a good excuse – I’ve been focusing on some costume work and getting ready for PAX South, a gaming convention in San Antonio. Now I’m back home and relaxing from a busy weekend. And I can finally show you my completed Elizabeth Cosplay! To recap from my last cosplay post – this is the character Elizabeth from the 2013…

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Cosplay Adventures in Progress

Well, this is interesting. Trying something new today – cosplay! If you’ve never heard the term cosplay it’s basically dressing up like a character either from a book, movie, tv show, comic, video game, etc. It’s like Halloween for geeks all year round. I’ve been slowly making historical costumes on the side but this is something pretty different and I’ve never done it before. I thought to get started I ought to try something “easy”…

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