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One Yard Wonders – Orangizer Wallet

I’ve already made something from this awesome book! I like making wallets. Even though I already have a bunch of handmade ones I just love sewing all the little pockets and feeling organized when I finish. I wanted to make this wallet because my old oilcloth wallet I was using was getting torn up and the magnetic snap wallet had ripped through the oilcloth. I intended to re-use the magnetic snap on this new wallet…

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Oil Cloth Wallet

I’ve been sewing for how many years now? 8? 10? And I’ve never sewn oil cloth before today. For some reason I got it into my head that I wanted to make a wallet today so I went to the store after work and bought some fabric. Ever have those spontaneous needs to create? This pattern is one I whipped up myself although it ended up simpler than I originally designed (my machine kept jamming…

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Dia de los Wallet

I’m coming down with a cold and being sick makes me grumpy and lazy. I finished this wallet two days ago but I haven’t shared it because I had hoped to make a pattern for it. I still intend to draft the pattern (it’s pretty simple, mostly rectangles) but it is difficult to find the motivation when you’re hacking up your right lung. For now I’ll just show it to you. Remember this fabric I…

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