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I Like That Lamp – DIY Lampshade Kit Review

This post is all about stashbusting. I had made some curtains out of a light weight quilting cotton for an apartment I lived in, like, four years ago, and since then they’ve been sitting unused in my stash since they no longer had windows to cover. When I Like That Lamp offered me a lampshade kit to try out I knew I wanted to use this old pink floral on lime green fabric. I used…

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So Many Japanese Pattern Books!

If you read a lot of sewing blogs you’ve probably figured out by now that the publisher of such delightful Japanese pattern books, like the one I used to make the shirt above, like to pass out their wares for review to lots of bloggers. Sorry if you’ve already read a bunch of book reviews lately, you’re in store for another – but there’s a good part – I have a new top to show…

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DIY Couture (Guest Post by Susan from MoonThirty)

***Hola readers! By now I’ll be burning my skin on some beach and drinking virgin daiquiris from plastic cup… or something like that, haha. But just so you all don’t miss me too much 😉 here’s the first of some awesome guest posts I have lined up for you while I’m gone. Let me tell you a little about Susan – she’s a crafting queen with a throne room to make anyone envious – her…

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My Sewing Book Club and how you can start your own!

(My contributions to the book club meeting – organizer wallet and travel neck pillow) You may have read in previous posts that I am part of a local sewing group that gets together a couple times a month for various sewing extravaganzas. Well, as part of that sewing group, my friend Susan and I began a Sewing Book Club of sorts and dubbed it BiblioStyles (a mash up of “bibliophiles” and the name of our…

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Sewing For Boys Book Review

I don’t really sew for children. Ok, I’ve made like four things and a couple quilts. But I liked this new book so much that I thought I’d review it. I know not every reader here has kids or sews for kids but if you’re interested please continue reading! There aren’t many good clothes sewing patterns out there for little one, especially boys (not counting Oliver+S, which have super cute designs). Now, I know there…

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The Crafter’s iPhone Case, or, another way to easily impress your friends

By now you may have seen these puppies on the interwebs. Or maybe you haven’t, in which case (no pun intended) check it out! It’s a cross stitch-able iPhone case! You can make whatever design you want and show off your crafty styling to all your friends. Who really needs an Otter Box, anyway? 😉 Earlier last year you could only order these cases from poorly translated Korean websites but now they’re all over the…

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One Yard Wonders: Fabric by Fabric – Book Review

We got this new One Yard Wonders book in stock at the store a couple weeks ago. At first I thought it was just an updated version of the original book but then I took a closer look. I finally decided to buy it because so many of the projects piqued my interest. This new book is in the same vein as the old one – 101 projects all using just one yard of fabric…

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Book Review! Colette and BurdaStyle

I’m interning at a fabric store in Austin and we just got both the new Colette Sewing Hanbook and BurdaStyle Sewing Handbook (yes, they are both “sewing handbooks”) books in stock. I scouared through each, snapped some pics and now I’m sharing my thoughts with you! First of all, both books are the same retail price, both have beautiful photos and both are spiral bound, making them easy to lay flat on your sewing table…

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