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Wide-Bicep Sleeve Adjustment Tutorial

In my Farrow Dress post I mentioned an adjustment I use to make a sleeve piece wider without altering the length of the sleeve cap seamline OR altering the bodice pieces. The normal sleeve adjustment tutorials I’ve seen widen the bicep area but also lengthen the sleeve cap seamline which means you either have to ease in the extra length into the armhole (which can be difficult) or adjust the bodice pieces one of two…

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Cat Print Grainline Alder Dress

I don’t know why it took me so long to make this pattern – it’s a fantastic pattern, as I would expect from Grainline. Maybe it’s the fact that I don’t often wear sleeveless tops/dresses? Although, this dress may be the one that breaks that habit. This’ll be a short and sweet post. Not much to say about this dress other than praise. It’s not very fitted at the waist so I like the scooped…

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Sewaholic Cypress Cape

I’m back from my trip to Hot Springs National Park. Unfortunately, it didn’t rain so I never got to use my newest creation while I was there – hence we get some moldy-backyard-fence-photos of my Cypress Cape. The Sewaholic Cypress Cape is essentially a gussied up rain poncho but it has some nice features that made me want to sew it – semi-circle sleeves for range of movement, those awesome back pleats, pockets, and options for…

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Made with Moxie Prefontaine Shorts

  More activewear sewing! Several weeks ago I began using a Couch to 5k running app to help build up my endurance for some big upcoming hikes. Now, don’t get me wrong – I’m no runner. Really, I’m extra slow. And I have no intention of signing up for a half marathon or anything. For me, running is mainly a good excuse to be outdoors. I work from home so I’m stuck inside most of the…

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Hiking Archer – More Activewear Sewing

Did you know this year is the 100th birthday of the National Park Service? I love National Parks! Creating them is one of the best things this country has ever done. Whenever I get disillusioned by the mess of our current political system and I start thinking “you know, that Justin Trudeaux guy seems like an alright dude,” and “Vancouver is really just like a much colder Austin,” I remember the National Parks and think, “well, at least…

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Papercut SJ Tee and Ooh La Leggings

This post is a two-fer! I made be a bit late but I have thoroughly jumped aboard the activewear sewing bandwagon. This is my new yoga outfit: both the shirt and leggings are from Papercut Patterns. Tee: I made the short sleeve, non-cropped version of the SJ Tee out of an incredibly smooth and soft rayon/lycra blend I bought from a now-defunct local store. The thin and light fabric works well for a slouchy tee (it has…

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Lavender Grainline Archer

For this photoshoot, I went to the Hope Outdoor Gallery which is a fancy name for a city park where they let people graffiti over the concrete walls of this abandoned unfinished building. It’s cool to see all the different art and writing but you never know what you’re going to find on the walls so apologies in advance if there turns out to be something offensive in these pics. Getting that out of the…

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Crinoline Petticoat Tutorial

Ooooh look, I made a petticoat! Ruffly petticoats aren’t something we see much of these days.  They’re usually only worn with special occasion dresses. Sometimes a pretty party dress will come with a layer of tulle attached to the skirt lining but not much else. I talked about the current popularity of the Fit and Flare dress in my last post, but those dresses don’t often get the kind of “flare” in the skirt like…

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