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Tag: crafts

Simplicity 8441 – Stuffed Llama

I sometimes sew gifts for the holidays, but not regularly. I’ve sewn dresses for my cousins before and a quilt or two. Usually, time constraints keep me from finishing my ambitious projects. Luckily my sewing group scheduled a retreat last weekend which was the perfect time to complete this stuffed llama! I used Simplicity 8441 although the designer also has her own PDF version. The Simplicity pattern includes the pillowcase as well. I bought the fur and face-fleece…

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Texas State String Art

It is my experience that if ever you have a good idea, someone else has already done it. Coughsuzannecough. Ok, well, I may have had the idea but seeing hers gave me the motivation to do make it myself. The idea is simple – take a board, I used particle board (it doesn’t warp like plywood can) which they sell in pre-cut 2 ft by 2 ft squares at big box home improvement stores; spray…

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Starlight Mint Ornament – Holiday Ornament Exchange

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Except, well, because of global warming or something my Texas Christmas is more resembling an Australian Christmas. It was 80 degrees yesterday! What’s up with that? A few weeks ago the lovely (and expecting!) Kelli from True Bias asked me as well as a bunch of other bloggers, many who you also know and love, to participate in an ornament exchange! So of course I was like,…

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Christmas Wreath and Giving Thanks

I have been sewing this past couple weeks but it’s always those elusive pictures that give me trouble, especially since the sky gets darker earlier – less time for natural light photography. In the mean time I’m posting a project of a different kind and taking a moment to give thanks. For those of you outside of the US you may not know but this Thursday is our big national holiday, Thanksgiving. It’s a time…

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Using Scraps: Wine Bottle Gift Bag (Guest Post by Leah of Struggle Sews a Straight Seam)

***What? I’m still gone? Craziness. Lucky for you there’s more guest post greatness coming up!!!! Leah’s blog is one of my faves to read for several reasons: her big smile in every photo along with her hilarious writing style always makes my day. You really get the idea that this is one fun lady! Her enthusiasm for her sewing projects is contagious! Not to mention she’s got an adorable cat who frequently makes appearances (I…

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Fabric by Fabric One Yard Wonders Neck Pillow

In January I bought the new Fabric by Fabric: One Yard Wonders book and a woman in my sewing group, Susan, came up with the idea to have a sewing book club and we chose this book for our first meeting in March. I’ve already made the wallet from this book and this pillow is my second project. The “Work in Comfort” Travel Set includes a neck pillow and cushioned lap desk but I only…

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Gold Tip Shoe Restyle

I have a funny story for you – About three weeks ago I visited my extended family. One night we went to meet my cousins who rent an RV space at a lake in the area to camp. Not expecting to go to a camp ground, the only shoes I had were some patent nude flats. It was cold that night so I sat by the camp fire to keep warm. It wasn’t until later…

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Peppermint Candy Pillow DIY

Would you like to make your own holiday peppermint pillow? Well, you’re in luck! Mandi from Make it Dear was sweet enough to ask me to contribute a craft for her Holiday Time Tuesday series. A new festive craft project each Tuesday until the 20th. Check out her fun tinsel wreath and another contributor’s awesome chalkboard paint mugs. I made a this pillow with fleece and tulle. Even my boyfriend thinks it looks pretty awesome…

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