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Tag: using scraps

Using Scraps: Wine Bottle Gift Bag (Guest Post by Leah of Struggle Sews a Straight Seam)

***What? I’m still gone? Craziness. Lucky for you there’s more guest post greatness coming up!!!! Leah’s blog is one of my faves to read for several reasons: her big smile in every photo along with her hilarious writing style always makes my day. You really get the idea that this is one fun lady! Her enthusiasm for her sewing projects is contagious! Not to mention she’s got an adorable cat who frequently makes appearances (I…

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Fabric by Fabric One Yard Wonders Neck Pillow

In January I bought the new Fabric by Fabric: One Yard Wonders book and a woman in my sewing group, Susan, came up with the idea to have a sewing book club and we chose this book for our first meeting in March. I’ve already made the wallet from this book and this pillow is my second project. The “Work in Comfort” Travel Set includes a neck pillow and cushioned lap desk but I only…

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Stand Up Oil Cloth Zipped Pouch

Guess what!? I’m going to Chicago for a little vacay in less than a week! And I was thinking about how I don’t have a single make up bag that is big enough to fit all of my necessary travel items. I mainly needed a bag long enough to hold my tooth brush and fat enough to hold all my smaller things like eye shadow and mini size lotions. And since I had plenty of…

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Using Scraps: Jersey Finger Knit Bracelet

I found this great idea from V and Co. to make a cute bracelet from strips of knit fabric. What a perfect way to use up my ever growing pile of jersey fabric scraps! strip of fabric for bracelet V and Co. gives plenty of instructions, even a finger knitting video if you’ve never done it before or if you need a refresher. finger weaving I made my bracelet with the two finger method. cutting…

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Using Scraps: Baby Hat

About a month ago I found this great idea for a baby hat from Make It and Love It and thought it would be an awesome way to use up some scrap fabric! This brown striped knit fabric was leftover from my T-Shirt Mini Dress. My printer isn’t working so I just copied the directions for the pattern from Make It and Love It. I used the pattern to cut out two pieces for the…

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Using Scraps: Checkbook Cover

My boyfriend, Justin, detests checks. He thinks they are an antiquated idea and refuses to use them. So it is no surprise that I am the one who pays all the bills. Assuming you use checks here’s a fun short project to do if you have big enough leftover fabric scraps – checkbook covers! As you can see, I’ve made more covers than I can use myself. Maybe I’ll give them away as gifts. To…

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Using Scraps: Elastic Waist Knit Skirt

I had so much fabric left over from making this dress a few months ago that I decided to use the rest to make a skirt! It is an elastic waist encased in fabric with a gathered skirt. The fabric is a knit rayon jersey. I made this using a serger but you can use a zig zag stitch on your sewing machine and it will work the same. The look of this skirt is…

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B&W Throw Pillow

I made another throw pillow pillowcase yesterday! This fabric was left over from a dress I made a few years ago and now I finally made a use for it. Instead of piping I used some purple mini pom pom trim. Also, rather than securing the pillowcase with a zipper I made this one with an overlapping back which I think is much simpler and faster to make. I have the day off work today…

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