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A Quilt, a Bag, and a Cosplay

Despite the lack of posts I have been rather busy with sewing projects this last month. Since none of these are true clothing items, I’m going to lump three smaller projects into one big post! First up: A Little Quilt (a quilt, with bonus Peanut!) I’ve been cleaning my sewing room and stash busting like crazy lately. Deep in a drawer sat a bag of pre-cut fabric strips which were intended to become a quilt…

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A Little Quilt and a Big Thank You

Hey peeps, I’m back! Sort of. I just finished the binding on this little quilt. I’m almost embarrassed. My IRL sewing friends always give me flack for going to the dark side – quilting! But ever since I discovered that I didn’t have to quilt the darn thing myself it was like a whole new world opened up! I got the simple pattern for this for free and I just so happened to have four…

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Quilting and Teaching

I’m back! And just in time to get my new quilt back from the quilters. Thanks so much to my friend Susan (aka Miss Lulu) for guest posting while I was away on vacation. If you follow me on instagram you’ve probably seen all my Boston pics. This is my second quilt I’ve made that I got quilted at Remnants using their long arm quilting service. Uh-oh, I think I’m becoming a quilter! It’s not…

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A Time Saving Quilt, plus cat pictures!

I made a quilt recently – a real live pieced-into-squares quilt. I’ve finished (which is the key word here) two quilts before but this one is different – it’s a “normal” quilt, meaning I used a pattern with regular ol’ quilting cotton fabric (no weird fleece monsters made from scratch). It’s kind of a big deal because I normally don’t quilt because it takes so long to finish but there’s a new quilt store in…

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A Monster Quilt in more ways than one, McCall 6411

Let me preface this post: Greta, if you or your children or husband are reading this – look away! And to make sure you get the chance to leave here is a cute photo of my cat, Peanut. Ok, now that that’s over we can move on to business – this Monster quilt. It is both a “monster” because it features cute fuzzy monsters but also because of the monster amount of time and energy…

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First Baby Quilt

Greta! If you are reading this look away now! This quilt is a gift and I know the recipient’s mother will read this so, Greta, skip this one! Just come back tomorrow or something! And just in case this pops up in your blog reader here is a cute picture of my cat sitting by my sewing machine to avoid important photos being exposed in the preview. Phew… that was a close one. On to…

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Quilting Adventures

I ordered a bundle of fabric fat from Fat Quarter Shop today to make a quilt for my boyfriend’s new nephew due in July. This is Justin’s little sister’s third baby and I wanted to make something for him that wasn’t clothes (hand me downs, anyone?). I thought about making baby shoes but really, baby’s don’t need shoes for a while and what size would I made them anyway? I don’t know anything about baby…

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