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Tag: Christmas

Simplicity 8441 – Stuffed Llama

I sometimes sew gifts for the holidays, but not regularly. I’ve sewn dresses for my cousins before and a quilt or two. Usually, time constraints keep me from finishing my ambitious projects. Luckily my sewing group scheduled a retreat last weekend which was the perfect time to complete this stuffed llama! I used Simplicity 8441 although the designer also has her own PDF version. The Simplicity pattern includes the pillowcase as well. I bought the fur and face-fleece…

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Peppermint Candy Pillow DIY

Would you like to make your own holiday peppermint pillow? Well, you’re in luck! Mandi from Make it Dear was sweet enough to ask me to contribute a craft for her Holiday Time Tuesday series. A new festive craft project each Tuesday until the 20th. Check out her fun tinsel wreath and another contributor’s awesome chalkboard paint mugs. I made a this pillow with fleece and tulle. Even my boyfriend thinks it looks pretty awesome…

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Holiday Gift Guide For Those Who Sew

A couple years ago my boyfriend’s mom (also a sewer herself) smothered me in awesome sewing supplies for my Christmas present. It was awesome! Remembering that got me thinking – what are some good gifts to give to someone who sews? Especially if the gift giver isn’t that familiar with sewing? I hope this little guide might be helpful to those who want to wish a very inspirational and creative Christmas to someone special! Let’s…

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One Yard Wonders Oven Mitt and Hot Pad

I have finished quite a few present for this Christmas but they’ve all been pretty easy. I still have a bunch of projects in the halfway or not-even-started stage. I’m a little nervous that I won’t finish everything because it’s so much work. This gift set was fairly simple. I used the mitt pattern from the One Yard Wonders book paired with some Christmas themed Alexander Henry fabric I got from the store where I…

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Creative Books

Funny story – I bought this book for a friend of mine and turns out a different friend bought the same book for me! We must be on the same wavelength or something. But I think this book is so fun that I was tempted to keep the one I bought as a gift all to myself. You’ve probably already been to Bakerella’s blog which features an oven full of baking and decorating ideas including…

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DIY Christmas: Gift Wrapping Party

I had my gift wrapping part last night with quite a table full of supplies to make lovely presents. I also had quite a lot of work to do. Snacks and cupcakes for the guests. This was before I added punch in my egg nog bowl (not much of an egg nog person). You can see the light garland on the table and the Santa cupcakes in the corner – I’ll have a full post…

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Other DIY Ideas for the Holidays

I was going to add another DIY Christmas project last night but I forgot and then I forgot to bring my SD card to work – oh, well. I promise to have it up this afternoon. I was hard at work all day yesterday cleaning and baking for my party tomorrow night. Should be a fun little get together. In the mean time here are a few fun projects I’ve been collecting in my bookmarks…

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Burda Style and Holiday Parties

My tulip skirt project was featured on the front page of Burda Style today on the blog. Yay! You should check it out. I’m also having a gift wrapping party on Friday with some good friends. It’s like a gift wrap pot luck. You bring all the gifts you have to wrap along with some wrapping supplies to share. Then everyone has a smorgasbord of paper and ribbon to use to wrap gifts. Everyone walks…

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