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Quick DIY – Chain Earring Display

I’m moving (eventually, who knows when!) and I’ve begun the great purge of junk from my apartment that I don’t want to lug around to a new location. I started with my bathroom. I used to house makeup and earrings in a basket on the sink countertop but after tossing old make up and brushes and things I know I’d never use again I decided to stop using the basket all together and opted for a smaller cup to hold brushes and things.

But then what to do about all my earrings?

I found an old broken necklace chain at the bottom of said basket and pinned it up on the tiny bit of free wall space in the bathroom.

You need a chain with links that are big enough to easily slip earrings through. I make a zig zag to give enough room for the earrings to dangle. I left parts of the end of the chain hanging down for stud earrings. The loose chain makes it easier to remove the backs of the stud earrings.

It’s a nice way to display earrings in a small space and make use of something that was just sitting around gathering dust. Oh, and yes, there’s also a couple fancy bobby pins in there and, yes, I am missing an earring up top. I’ll find it one of these days…


I’m working on a new dress made from scratch (although it is based on an existing design) that I hope I can finish tonight and take pictures of tomorrow!

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