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Tag: home decor

I Like That Lamp – DIY Lampshade Kit Review

This post is all about stashbusting. I had made some curtains out of a light weight quilting cotton for an apartment I lived in, like, four years ago, and since then they’ve been sitting unused in my stash since they no longer had windows to cover. When I Like That Lamp offered me a lampshade kit to try out I knew I wanted to use this old pink floral on lime green fabric. I used…

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Texas State String Art

It is my experience that if ever you have a good idea, someone else has already done it. Coughsuzannecough. Ok, well, I may have had the idea but seeing hers gave me the motivation to do make it myself. The idea is simple – take a board, I used particle board (it doesn’t warp like plywood can) which they sell in pre-cut 2 ft by 2 ft squares at big box home improvement stores; spray…

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Christmas Wreath and Giving Thanks

I have been sewing this past couple weeks but it’s always those elusive pictures that give me trouble, especially since the sky gets darker earlier – less time for natural light photography. In the mean time I’m posting a project of a different kind and taking a moment to give thanks. For those of you outside of the US you may not know but this Thursday is our big national holiday, Thanksgiving. It’s a time…

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The Big Reveal, or, now I remember why I hate painting so much

You’ve seen my craft room before. I did a big post on how I organize everything a few months ago. You also saw my sneak peak. But now you get to see it WITH STRIPES!!!! (insert maniacal laugh here because this paint job drove me insane) Forgive me, the room has been finished for a few weeks but it wasn’t clean enough for photos until recently. What do you do when you want to paint…

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Sneak Peak, or, the longest paint job of all time

This is a photo of my sewing room partially painted. I could have just picked one color like a normal person, but no, I had to go for some crazy stripe idea with four colors with lots of measuring and taping. And it’s really cutting into my sewing time. I have two walls finished and are drying. Today I’m shoving all the stuff back on those two walls so I can move the furniture on…

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Craft Room Tour Extravaganza!

A miracle has occurred. For the first time since I moved into this house in June I can say that my craft room is fully cleaned! So I think that’s a good reason for a craft room tour, right? Right. Let’s get started. My craft room is small by anyone’s standards. It is the smallest bedroom in our tiny house and I swear I’ve seen closets in many houses that are bigger than this room….

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One Yard Wonders Oven Mitt and Hot Pad

I have finished quite a few present for this Christmas but they’ve all been pretty easy. I still have a bunch of projects in the halfway or not-even-started stage. I’m a little nervous that I won’t finish everything because it’s so much work. This gift set was fairly simple. I used the mitt pattern from the One Yard Wonders book paired with some Christmas themed Alexander Henry fabric I got from the store where I…

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Re-styled Bookshelves

Here’s the first glimpse into my new craft room and a little decorative restyle for you. I have two of these bookshelves that were built by an older gentleman living in a neighborhood near me who made bookshelves for fun. One shelf is in my closet holding all my paper crafting and gift wrapping supplies and then the other shelf is on a small wall between the door to the room and the closet. It…

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