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Deer and Doe Givre Maternity Dress

Thanks for all the love on Instagram and in my last post! More maternity sewing for today. This is the only specifically maternity piece I’ve made so far. It’s the Deer and Doe Givre Maternity Dress (view B). This is the maternity version of their regular pattern. I figured a simple bump-hugging, knit, tank dress would be a good basic to get me through a few months. The fabric is a nice, thick scuba knit from…

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Victory Patterns Anouk dress 2.0

Long time no post. Been a little busy with other projects lately. Now, I know what you’re probably thinking: “Wow, your hair is getting really long!” Wait, that’s not what you were thinking? Oh, you mean that other thing? Right. Yeah, so turns out I’m pregnant. Or expecting. Or pretnet, or praganat, or pregananant or however you want to call it (seriously, watch that vid). I’d say “knocked up” if only it were that easy. This fetus was…

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Lyocell Grainline Adler Dress

Although I’ve taught the Grainline Alder Dress in a class setting a few times, this is only the second version I’ve sewn for myself! Which is surprising because I absolutely love this pattern. This dress ticks off one of my summer sewing goals (I’ve finished another top, just need to take pics, so that makes 4 completed). I bought this slinky lyocell (which is a type of rayon) from Joann fabrics. I’ve been impressed with some…

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Grainline Linden Sweatshirt Version 2

It’s already getting too hot to wear long sleeves in Austin but I loved this chunky, coral, rib knit fabric from Joann so much that I decided to try sewing a “summer sweater.” That’s not a real term but I’m claiming it now. This is my second version of Grainline Linden Sweatshirt pattern. This time I went with View B – slightly cropped without the hem band, shorter sleeves and no cuffs. The boxy shape of…

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Two Grainline Willow Tanks

A double feature for today! Two versions of the Grainline Willow Tank. Perfect for scraps or short yardages! I love all the Grainline patterns I’ve tried. I’m surprised it took me this long to make this pattern. I had enough leftover cotton from my Grainline Farrow dress to whip out my first Willow. It’s a super simple pattern. Only two pieces plus bias for facings. I like the extra deep hem which helps give the…

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Blueprints A-Frame v2.0

This is my second version of the BluePrints for Sewing A-Frame skirt. This fabric is black so it may be hard to see the seam lines. You can click on the images to zoom in. I’ve now taught this pattern as a class a few times and I’m always impressed at how well it fits everyone who has made it. It helps that the pattern includes fitting instructions. For this skirt, I again made the…

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Blueprints for Sewing A-Frame Skirt

You guys!!! I think I found my new favorite pattern… My apologies for the high number of photographs. What can I say? I love this skirt so much and it looks so good in every single picture that it’s difficult to choose which to show. This is the A-Frame skirt from Blueprints for Sewing, view A – the pencil skirt version. The fabric is red corduroy from The Cloth Pocket (beware, the fabric is a more…

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Simplicity 8441 – Stuffed Llama

I sometimes sew gifts for the holidays, but not regularly. I’ve sewn dresses for my cousins before and a quilt or two. Usually, time constraints keep me from finishing my ambitious projects. Luckily my sewing group scheduled a retreat last weekend which was the perfect time to complete this stuffed llama! I used Simplicity 8441 although the designer also has her own PDF version. The Simplicity pattern includes the pillowcase as well. I bought the fur and face-fleece…

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