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Sparkly Box Pleated Skirt

Oh, look, it’s my old standard photo background – the moldy green backyard fence! It’s not the prettiest place but its shaded and gets amazing light in the afternoon. I hadn’t used it much lately because the giant trees surrounding our house make for a thick blanket of leaves over everything each spring. I finally got around to clearing out the leaves this week – I filled thirteen(!!!) of those big kraft paper yard bags!. The…

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Dotted Mini Skirt

This is the product of my first test print of my soon to be published (and by “soon” I mean in the amount of time it takes George R.R. Martin to publish his next book) skirt pattern. The first test print is exactly what it sounds like. I digitized my pattern, graded it and re-printed it out to compare it to the original pieces. This is the first – but certainly not last – step…

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Gold Denim mini skirt

This is s skirt I’ve been working on and surprisingly enough has been probably my most successful draft of any pattern I’ve made. I had a basic straight skirt block and turned it into this, no fitting adjustments needed. Winning! I drew a sketch of this design, like, five or six years ago, crazy! Early pattern drafting days. I had completely forgot about it until I was cleaning up and I found my little sketch….

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Do Ginger (skirts) Have Souls?

Sorry, I just think of that line every time I hear the word “ginger” now. Couldn’t resist. But for real, tho. This is a pretty cool skirt. Maybe it’s something about the bias cut panels but I really like this skirt more than any other a-line skirt I’ve worn or made. Normally I avoid a-line skirts because I feel like they make me look like a big triangle. I’m already slightly pear shaped and a-line…

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The Little Red Circle Skirt

I can’t believe it but it’s been raining for like 3 days straight. This is good because we could really use the rain but this also means I can’t exactly go outside to take pics and inside is too dark with all the clouds. Luckily today it cleared up and took these photos of my new circle skirt! Remember my last circle skirt? Well, what I didn’t tell you was that skirt was a test…

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Circle Skirt

So in last years’ sewing resolutions I decided not to make any more skirts because I had something like 16 but hardly wore any of them because I didn’t have enough solid tops to go with all my printed skirts. Then I started sewing more solid tops only to find that most of my skirts don’t fit anymore. I did alter my beignet to fit but only one other skirt I already had is wearable….

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Mustard Folded Mini Skirt

If you follow me on Twitter you saw my in-progress version of this skirt. I started and finished it all in less than four hours while at work in between customers. I followed Small Things’ tutorial to make my own folded mini. This skirt is so cool she’s even making a full graded pattern and everything for it. It should be out in the next few months. I was impatient and couldn’t wait so when…

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Me-Made Fixes

I feel like I haven’t posted much on the blog lately but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy with sewing projects. Mostly it’s been smaller things like fixing old me-mades. This maxi dress was never really worn for two reasons – it has no sleeves which I’ve realized is a problem for me. I’m just too lazy to coordinate the days I shave and wear sleeveless clothes so sleeveless items just stay locked in…

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