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Handwoven Cotton Myosotis Dress

Dresses are my favorite to wear in the hot summer months, which in Texas is most of the year. And I need a few new ones to replace some tried-and-true dresses that are getting pretty worn out after years in my wardrobe. This is my second Deer and Doe Myosotis dress and I love the loose-fit, shirt-dress style with the gathered skirt. But I’m disappointed, though, that some of my fave pattern companies don’t have…

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Navy Stripe Fancy Tiger Crafts Fen Dress

While I’ve been working a lot on YouTube/costuming sewing lately, I have made a few more modern garments and busting my stash while at it! This is the Fancy Tiger Crafts Fen Dress, an easy, un-fitted but still feminine, simple gathered dress. Perfect for warmer Texas days when I don’t want my clothes clinging to me but still want to look put-together. I’ve wanted to make this pattern for a while and I also wanted…

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Blank Slate Bexley Dress

I actually helped design the Blank Slate Bexley Dress last summer but didn’t get a chance to sew my own version of it because I was pregnant at the time. Figured now would be a good time to whip up a new dress while I’m waiting for spring. I love easy this dress is to fit. You can adjust the front and back darts (move them up and down, in or out; make them shorter…

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Megan Nielsen River Dress

I swear I haven’t gone MIA since having a kid. I’ve been working on several projects lately – it’s the documenting that’s been lacking. See, my backyard’s not that pretty and inside the house in winter, I only get really good light early in the morning, and I never feel like getting up and taking pictures early in the morning. I’m in desperate need of more winter(-ish) dresses. Now, I live in Texas so cold…

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Viscose Linen Sway Dress

If I look tired in these photos – it’s because I am. But I have a good excuse. This cute little lady joined us recently. She’s super cute and we’re glad she’s finally here. On to the dress – I sewed the Papercut Patterns’ Sway Dress because I thought it would work well for maternity. The tent shape + adjustable waist tie work well for a growing belly. Since it isn’t technically a maternity pattern,…

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Maternity Chalk and Notch Fringe Dress

This is a maternity-modified Chalk and Notch Fringe Dress. And how lucky, because Chalk and Notch recently released an updated version of the pattern just in time for me to use it! This is my second Fringe Dress, and while I can still fit into that dress right now, I’ll probably run out of room soon. I wanted to make another version that could carry me through the next few months and even after pregnancy….

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Deer and Doe Givre Maternity Dress

Thanks for all the love on InstagramĀ and in my last post! More maternity sewing for today. This is the only specifically maternity piece I’ve made so far. It’s the Deer and Doe Givre Maternity Dress (view B). This is the maternity version of their regular pattern. I figured a simple bump-hugging, knit, tank dress would be a good basic to get me through a few months. The fabric is a nice, thick scuba knit from…

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Victory Patterns Anouk dress 2.0

Long time no post. Been a little busy with other projects lately. Now, I know what you’re probably thinking: “Wow, your hair is getting really long!” Wait, that’s not what you were thinking? Oh, you mean that other thing? Right. Yeah, so turns out I’m pregnant. Or expecting.Ā Or pretnet, orĀ praganat, or pregananantĀ or however you want to call it (seriously, watch that vid). I’d say “knocked up” if only it were that easy. This fetus was…

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