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Viscose Linen Sway Dress

If I look tired in these photos – it’s because I am. But I have a good excuse. This cute little lady joined us recently. She’s super cute and we’re glad she’s finally here. On to the dress – I sewed the Papercut Patterns’ Sway Dress because I thought it would work well for maternity. The tent shape + adjustable waist tie work well for a growing belly. Since it isn’t technically a maternity pattern,…

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Maternity Chalk and Notch Fringe Dress

This is a maternity-modified Chalk and Notch Fringe Dress. And how lucky, because Chalk and Notch recently released an updated version of the pattern just in time for me to use it! This is my second Fringe Dress, and while I can still fit into that dress right now, I’ll probably run out of room soon. I wanted to make another version that could carry me through the next few months and even after pregnancy….

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Deer and Doe Givre Maternity Dress

Thanks for all the love on Instagram and in my last post! More maternity sewing for today. This is the only specifically maternity piece I’ve made so far. It’s the Deer and Doe Givre Maternity Dress (view B). This is the maternity version of their regular pattern. I figured a simple bump-hugging, knit, tank dress would be a good basic to get me through a few months. The fabric is a nice, thick scuba knit from…

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Victory Patterns Anouk dress 2.0

Long time no post. Been a little busy with other projects lately. Now, I know what you’re probably thinking: “Wow, your hair is getting really long!” Wait, that’s not what you were thinking? Oh, you mean that other thing? Right. Yeah, so turns out I’m pregnant. Or expecting. Or pretnet, or praganat, or pregananant or however you want to call it (seriously, watch that vid). I’d say “knocked up” if only it were that easy. This fetus was…

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Papercut Patterns Adrift Dress

Back again with more #SummerSewing! Almost to the end. After this I just have one more garment to share. This is the Papercut Patterns Adrift Dress in a coral rayon twill. I used leftover white cotton cording and a couple silver eyelets for the drawstring and casing.This is the 7th pattern from Papercut that I’ve tried. They tend to fit me fairly well and overall I like their stying. Fun fact, in my original #SummerSewing…

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Embroidered Deer and Doe Myosotis Dress

This dress is the Deer and Doe Myosotis. Another make from my #SummerSewing series and possibly my favorite piece yet! I ordered this lovely white embroidered cotton from Finch Fabrics. The bodice and skirt lining is plain old white cotton.   The clear buttons are the same from my Alder Dress but in a larger size (thanks Roseana!). I’ve sewn a few Deer and Doe patterns before and this one was easy to follow. I loved the…

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Lyocell Grainline Adler Dress

Although I’ve taught the Grainline Alder Dress in a class setting a few times, this is only the second version I’ve sewn for myself! Which is surprising because I absolutely love this pattern. This dress ticks off one of my summer sewing goals (I’ve finished another top, just need to take pics, so that makes 4 completed). I bought this slinky lyocell (which is a type of rayon) from Joann fabrics. I’ve been impressed with some…

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McCall’s 7431

I had such high hopes for this dress because I LOVED this border print black and white fabric, but after completing the project, the dress feels too bold for my taste. Maybe it’s the bell sleeves or the front lacing or the piping or dizzying stripe? Maybe it’s all of it combined. Some aspect of this design pushed it over the edge into crazyville and now I’m having second thoughts. Let’s back up… This incredible geometric…

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