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Welcome back, Beignet!

This is just a quick post about a skirt I made over two years ago. After I lost some weight hardly any of my old skirts fit anymore. Finally I took the time to cut this Colette Beignet apart, shave off the side of each individual piece and stitch it back up. No more baggy waist! Yay! I cut off the whole hem ’cause I was too lazy to unpick it but then I blind…

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50s Skirt Restyle, or, back from the dead!

Readers – I feel like I owe you a big apology. You may or may not remember that last August (yes, nearly 6 months ago) I put up a vote on the blog to decide what to do with this too-small handmade 1950s gathered skirt. (the before picture) I offered four pattern options and after counting comments as well as pestering some of my friends the winner was option 4 – Simplicity 2512 (I realize…

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Vogue 1170 Skirt

Taking a day off from knits (get ready, tomorrow is when you finally get to practice!) here’s a regular old woven skirt but I like it so much that it needs to be shared… This pattern is one of those that remind you why you need to make a muslin (or two). I saw someone at a sewing group who made this pattern and I fell in love. The skirt in the pattern picture is…

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Skirt Restyle Poll

I’m seeking your advice, dear blog readers. Several months ago I bought this 1950s skirt from an antique store. I loved the fabric (it even has little green sequins in it) and turns out it was hand made and pretty well made, at that. The problem was it didn’t fit. Too small in the waist. However I figured I could still do something with all that fabric. The skirt is full and poofy even without…

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Pink Scalloped Skirt

(Hey look! I’m back from Chicago!) I’m quite smitten with this skirt. I made it by altering a basic skirt pattern that I used as a pattern block to create this kind of a-line shape skirt with darts on the front and back and buttons down the front. I used corduroy (I was originally looking for a twill of some sort) because I couldn’t find anything else in the color I wanted. I’d like to…

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Sewing Do-Over: Wrap Skirt to Button Front Skirt

skirt 2.0 as button front skirt Have you ever finished a project only to realize it is just so-so? It’s alright but nothing special? Or it’s not your style? Or the holy grail of sewing slip ups – it doesn’t fit? A long time ago I made a simple reversible wrap skirt (one of the first sewing projects that made it onto this blog, eek! look at that long hair! wow, that was back at…

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Paper Bag Skirt

This is the first paper bag skirt that I ever made and I must say I really love the style! I used Simplicity 2413 and it was quite a simple design and didn’t take me very long at all to make. I highly recommend that pattern if you’re trying to make a paper bag skirt but don’t want to make it from scratch. Although if you want to make one all on your own Adventures…

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Using Scraps: Elastic Waist Knit Skirt

I had so much fabric left over from making this dress a few months ago that I decided to use the rest to make a skirt! It is an elastic waist encased in fabric with a gathered skirt. The fabric is a knit rayon jersey. I made this using a serger but you can use a zig zag stitch on your sewing machine and it will work the same. The look of this skirt is…

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