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Welcome back, Beignet!


This is just a quick post about a skirt I made over two years ago. After I lost some weight hardly any of my old skirts fit anymore. Finally I took the time to cut this Colette Beignet apart, shave off the side of each individual piece and stitch it back up.


No more baggy waist! Yay!

I cut off the whole hem ’cause I was too lazy to unpick it but then I blind stitched the new hem by hand! Too lazy to seam rip but not too lazy for carpel tunnel… *eye roll at myself*

Since this skirt is in panels it was easier to alter than trying to re-make darts or take off an entire waistband and re-gather a skirt. Plus the way the the pattern is designed I didn’t have to mess with re-doing the pockets, easy peasy.


Last year I had made a resolution to not make any more skirts – I had, like, ten of them, but I hardly wore any of them because I didn’t have enough solid colored tops to go with all my patterned skirts. This beignet is the only solid skirt I have. So then I tried to acquire or make more solid tops but now none of my skirts fit. Well, some really don’t fit, others are just annoyingly baggy.

In any case it’s made me want to go back and alter some of my skirts (I’m pretty tired of a few of them and will probably just send them to Goodwill) and re-introduce them into my wardrobe.


If I get enough skirts back into a wearable state I thought I’d make a little challenge – the Week of Skirts – to force myself to find creative ways of wearing my makes and get all those lonely skirts out of the closet.

Do you have clothes you’ve made that you never wear? If so is it because you not have a place to wear them or nothing to wear them with, like me?

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  • Looks great! I’m looking forward to Me Made May because it really does force me to try to wear all my self-made items, and sometimes I really do end up liking the ones I don’t wear that much!

  • I have a problem with buying these crazy awesome cotton prints, making skirts, and then going “Oh wait a minute… that doesn’t go with anything”. lol This spring I’m trying to concentrate on sewing a few closet staples that I can mix and match with more things. Your Beignet is a perfect example!

  • Nice work! I have a few skirts that need some altering or fixing. I always find i don’t have enough matching tops too.
    Thanks for the kick up the bum! 🙂

  • ummm, wow! great job on some serious weight loss and great altering. I love rediscovering old clothing.

  • I wear a lot of solids but I am attracted to patterned fabrics at the fabric store. So, I make things that I never end up wearing. Maybe if spring ever comes to Toronto, I’ll decide to freshen up my wardrobe by wearing some of the pretty patterned tops and skirts I’ve made….

  • Awesome save! How annoying it would have been if you hadn’t been able to save a skirt where you clearly spent a lot of time on the buttonholes!

    I don’t really have problems wearing what I sew even though most of what I’ve made is frosting. I’m usually so excited that I find or make occasions. Once you get into the mindset of dressing to please yourself, it’s easier to do just that.

  • I have a lot of skirts I don’t wear too. I’m thinking of joining you in your challenge!
    Oh and I think your skirt looks great with that shirt.

  • I think I’m getting better at matching the fabric to the pattern but I have made some mistakes in the past like sewing a detailed pattern with a busy fabric, too much going on at the same time. Congrats on the weight loss and good luck with the project Skirts

  • I’m so glad you saved your Beignet! It looks fantastic. I personally love skirts and have several in mind to make this spring/summer. I hope you alter the other skirts you mentioned. I am in awe of you and anyone else who takes the time to alter finished projects…so not as fun as sewing something new!

  • Looks like brand new! You couldn’t let all those buttonholes go to waste. I really love it paired with that shirt, just perfect!

  • those cotton prints are so addicting! i don’t mind using them for dresses because you don’t have to pair them with a plain top or bottom but sometimes you just don’t have enough fabric for a whole dress, which is why i have so many skirts and shirts in cute patterns but they need simpler counterpoints. thanks rochelle!

  • that’s not even all the buttonholes that the pattern requires! i didn’t have enough buttons so I had fewer holes to sew, lol! i like your attitude about finding or making occasions to wear stuff. 🙂

  • exactly, not as fun as sewing new things. i think that’s what always keeps me from going back and altering even when it’s really needed. thanks!

  • Thanks for the great tip and the skirt looks awesome on you! Congrats on the weight loss- you look great :)!

  • Hi there love your skirt. when you took it in did you take it completely apart or did you just uh-hem and bring in the sides, i’m kinda in the same situation and i’m not sure the best way to do it. Thanks! Kelly

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