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Me-Made Fixes

Maxi Dress to Skirt

I feel like I haven’t posted much on the blog lately but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy with sewing projects. Mostly it’s been smaller things like fixing old me-mades.

This maxi dress was never really worn for two reasons – it has no sleeves which I’ve realized is a problem for me. I’m just too lazy to coordinate the days I shave and wear sleeveless clothes so sleeveless items just stay locked in the closet forever, and also I added this really pretty beaded trim to the neckline but of course I can’t throw the dress in the washer with that delicate trim on it. More closet-prison time for this dress.

Maxi Dress to Skirt

So I chopped off the top, added elastic to the waist and made it into a skirt. I’m hoping I’ll wear this more than the dress. I’m not too sure how much of a maxi-skirt girl I am. We’ll see.

Altered Elisalex Dress

(shorter sleeves, shorter skirt, shorter hair)

I also altered my Elisalex Dress. After wearing it a couple times I realized the thick fabric just wasn’t going to work with the hot weather we’ll be getting soon so I shortened the sleeves and skirt to make it more summer-y. Now I’ll get more wear out of it all year long!

Altered Elisalex Dress

This dress makes for a great platform for statement necklaces (yes, Miss Lulu, I liked your necklace so much, I bought one for myself).

Other things I’ve been working on –

  • Making a pattern from some RTW jeans (it’s so cool, I hope to share soon!)
  • Stitching up my Refashioners project (hint, it involves dye!)
  • A rayon blouse from a new book I just got.
  • Tweeting!
  • An Archer top, a velvet Cordova Jacket, new swimsuit ideas, and re-sizing a bunch of older clothes to fit. I’m thinking of doing Me Made May this year but with some specific challenges like wearing more skirts and making myself alter some older beloved me-mades to fit me again (I’m lookin’ at you, sailor shorts).

Well, I’m off to go work on more sewing. See ya around, blog!

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    • That dress is so amazing and I prefer the shorter length. I’m so unsure about maxi skirts. I like them on other people, but I don’t think I like them on me.

    • While I loved your Elisalex dress before I think your alterations are great! Such a great idea. Did you take it in a little? It know looks like something I would consider for myself. I’ve been hesitant about the tulip skirt.

    • Both updates are spot-on! “Closet-prison,” I like that… I’m hoping that MMM will help me release some of my items from closet-prison too, either for fixing & wearing, or for donation!!

    • Both alterations to the dresses were perfect. You look a lot better in each.

      Your list of WIP’s looks like mine – I have a lot in the works right now and not a lot to show. Keep at it girl and I’m glad your mojo is back!

    • The Elisalex changes are so good, looks so much better and more you. Can’t wait to see the jeans pattern.

    • You are crazy productive at the moment! I’m loving the revamp of both pieces- the Elisalex looks summery fresh now!

    • Wow. The proportions of the Elisalex are so very flattering on you now!

      My list of projects resembles yours in length! It’s that time of year when it seems like good ideas are flowing but sewing time is in short supply!

      Boo hoo about NY.

    • I love the changes you made to the Elisalex. I liked it before but I love it now, and it does look a lot younger,(if that makes sense?) and more practical for every day wear. The skirt is great too.

    • Great refashions! I love how you made them both work for you – we all have that “thing” in our closet that is just not getting enough wear. This is great inspiration!

    • I love the fabric your maxi dress/skirt is made out of. I probably need to do this too. I have a few projects that I made when I first started sewing that fit poorly. Maybe I’ll finally get around to it.

    • thanks! i’m trying to work on avoiding those “not enough wear” garments when I sew. it’s nice to reclaim my closet. 😉

    • thanks so much maddie! even though i don’t have a lot finished i still feel productive when i’m constantly working a little bit here and there on something.

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