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Papercut Aomori Twist Sweater

Continuing on with what has become “The Winter of Sweaters,” I have for you a new Papercut Patterns Aomori Twist Top. I thought the twist design looked cool and I liked the way it was constructed (make sure you follow the instructions in order, this isn’t the kind of pattern where you can just jump around to different parts). This sweater knit came from Surge. It’s double sided and I used the soft, solid side…

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Green Rib Knit Sew House Seven Toaster Sweater

I see more sweaters on the horizon… For this one, I decided to try out Sew House Seven’s Toaster Sweater #1. I liked the chunky hem band and cuffs and the funnel neck and I thought the ribs on this fabric would stand out against all the seam lines. The fabric is from Surge and I have to admit, I was a little disappointed when it arrived and looked a lot brighter in person than…

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Black Speckle Grainline Linden Sweatshirt

Since the temperature in Texas hovers around boiling for most of the year I don’t have a very large winter wardrobe. But this season I’ve become obsessed with cozy knits and decided I must remedy my lack of sweaters (and dresses, and leggings, and coats…). Enter the Linden Sweatshirt by Grainline. Oh, Grainline, always tried and true. You never fail me. You know when you find that one pattern company that’s well-drafted and fits just…

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Megan Nielsen River Dress

I swear I haven’t gone MIA since having a kid. I’ve been working on several projects lately – it’s the documenting that’s been lacking. See, my backyard’s not that pretty and inside the house in winter, I only get really good light early in the morning, and I never feel like getting up and taking pictures early in the morning. I’m in desperate need of more winter(-ish) dresses. Now, I live in Texas so cold…

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Opian Herens Bathrobe

I began this project while I was still pregnant with the grand idea of making a comfy robe for labor and delivery. I had assembled most of it, with only the bias trim remaining, and the night before I went into labor I thought “hmm, I should work on that robe.” But then I thought, “nah, if I’m in early labor I can still sew in between contractions. But then this baby decided she had…

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Grainline Linden Sweatshirt Version 2

It’s already getting too hot to wear long sleeves in Austin but I loved this chunky, coral, rib knit fabric from Joann so much that I decided to try sewing a “summer sweater.” That’s not a real term but I’m claiming it now. This is my second version of Grainline Linden Sweatshirt pattern. This time I went with View B – slightly cropped without the hem band, shorter sleeves and no cuffs. The boxy shape of…

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Greenstyle Creations Sundance Jacket

This jacket is not my best work. Just putting that out there at the start. But sometimes you just need to see a project through to the end and I’m glad I finished it. And while I liked the design (thumb cuffs, hood, curvy fit), the combination of fabric, fit, and details just wasn’t working for me. This is my Greenstyle Creations Sundance Jacket. I originally bought the pattern because I loved the pleated back…

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Closet Case Patterns Ebony Dress

My serger is currently on the fritz so I haven’t been sewing as much, and what I have been sewing are gifts. And since I can’t really share those, I guess I’ll catch up on a few unblogged projects… This is the Ebony knit Dress by Closet Case Patterns. I made View A with the scoop neck of View B. I sewed this dress as a sample for my new class at The Cloth Pocket in…

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