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Papercut Aomori Twist Sweater

Continuing on with what has become “The Winter of Sweaters,” I have for you a new Papercut Patterns Aomori Twist Top.

I thought the twist design looked cool and I liked the way it was constructed (make sure you follow the instructions in order, this isn’t the kind of pattern where you can just jump around to different parts).

This sweater knit came from Surge. It’s double sided and I used the soft, solid side to face out.

I love the fabric. It’s soft and smooth and the color is beautiful but I’m not sure that this sweater will be my top choice in the morning for something to wear for a few reasons:

1. It feels a little big. But when I look at Papercut’s sample photos it seems oversized on the model, too. But I know that if I try to pull it in at the sides it’ll just agravate issue #2.

2. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before I sewed the sweater but it seems so obvious now – that twist in the front looks cool but it doesn’t offer much coverage. The front is just open above and below the twist. So if there’s a stiff breeze the lower half flaps around.

3. Similarly, the top half gapes open easily and wants to fall off my shoulders. And the center front is really low so I have to wear a tank or a t-shirt under it. And if I have to think about finding a secondary layer for a garment, I am less likely to wear that garment in the first place.

4. My sewing machine does not like stitching binding on knit fabric. Things tend to get stretched out no matter what I do to compensate and no amount of steam pressing can fully fix it. This is only really a problem at the back hem where things get a little wavy.

5. Not a deal breaker, but the baby’s grabby little hands tend to tug on the sweater and it messes up the twist. The twist isn’t stiched to itself at any place so you can readjust it if needed. Or your baby can readjust it for you!

All that being said, I still like the sweater and I’m glad I tried out the pattern. The design is clever, the warm red color is lovely, and it can be easily paired with coats and jackets already in my wardrobe.

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