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Historical Sewing:

20th Century:

  • Edwardian Underthings
  • Alice Roosevelt's 1903 Gown Recreation

19th Century:

  • Black Snail Regency Era Dress and Spencer
  • Regency Spencer - Laughing Moon #129
  • Historical Costuming: 1840s day dress and bonnet
  • 1880s Bustle Dress Costume
  • Mid-Victorian underthings
  • Full Regency Era Costume
  • Historical Sewing: Regency Dress
  • Regency-era Underthings: More Adventures in Historical Sewing

18th Century:

  • Late 1780s Robe en Chemise Costume
  • Venturing into the 18th Century

14th Century:

  • Mid-1300s Kirtle and Veil


  • Star Wars' Rey Cosplay
  • Game of Thrones: Margaery Tyrell Cosplay
  • A Quilt, a Bag, and a Cosplay
  • Cosplay Complete!