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Category: costuming

1838 Cotton Print Day Dress and Lacy Fichu

This new historical costume was made for a Costube (Costuming YouTubers) collaboration. Laura Ingalls Gunn invited me to a small 1840s themed tea party and even though I already had two 1840s costumes I had just seen Black Snail’s new 1837-1840 pattern and knew I had to make it! I figure the pattern’s date range was good enough for 1840s. The dress is based on an extant from the V&A museum. I’d highly recommend the…

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Recreation of an 1815 Norwegian Wedding Dress

This costume project was a big one I finished earlier in the year and made a video about it here. The dress is a recreation of this gown from a Norwegian museum. Dated to 1815, the gown is part of a collection of “bridal attire” including a pair of green shoes and an orange shawl. But the reason I really wanted to make it was because it had a pattern! Sort of. The listing included…

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1840s Ballgown

I made this dress on a pretty tight deadline intending to wear it to a small Victorian-themed, Covid-safe get-together this past winter but that got delayed multiple times and I still haven’t been able to wear this gown out and about. I choose the 1840s specifically because the era is pre-crinoline and pre-bustles. I didn’t want to have to make any complicated underlayers when I was already short on time. But the more I dive…

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1860s Work Dress and Accessories

I started working on this costume in 2013 (!!!) and finally finished it last summer. It was the first costuming project I ever started and I abandoned it halfway through when I realized the pattern I had bought (thinking it was a casual work dress) turned out to be a fancy summer dress. In my defense, the fabric they used for the sample on the envelope cover is quite plain and beige, not fancy-looking at…

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1780s Italian Gown and Accessories

I admit I’ve been neglecting the blog lately in favor of YouTube, but in my defense, youtube videos take a long time to make and once I’m done I usually don’t feel like blogging! But I wanted some photo documentation of some of the costumes I’ve sewn in the past few months. I finished this 1780s Italian Gown last November and I’ve been adding accessories onto the look since then and reviving some old pieces….

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Edwardian Underthings

I realized I never posted about my collection of Edwardian underwear that I sewed, jeez, four years ago now??? I’m wearing most of these garments under my Alice Roosevelt gown. The thing with historical costuming is there’s just SO. MANY. LAYERS. When I want to make a modern outfit I just whip up a dress in a few hours but if I want to tackle a new costuming era there’s a bare minimum of four…

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Alice Roosevelt’s 1903 Gown Recreation

This dress is the culmination of months of work, not only on the dress itself but also on documenting the process on my new YouTube channel. So I’m not going to go into too much detail on how I created this gown because you can watch all the drama over there. Also, this YouTube things is a new adventure for me. I’ve been blogging under some version of DixieDIY since 2007(!!!???!?!), and during that time…

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Black Snail Regency Era Dress and Spencer

You might remember my last Regency project – this black velvet and silk spencer, which I made specifically to hide the back bodice of a poorly made white striped gown. Which was my second attempt at making a white striped Regency gown. It feels like I’ve been trying to make one stupid dress for years with no luck – until now! Sheer white muslin dresses were like the little black dress of the Regency era….

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