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Category: 1700s

1780s Italian Gown and Accessories

I admit I’ve been neglecting the blog lately in favor of YouTube, but in my defense, youtube videos take a long time to make and once I’m done I usually don’t feel like blogging! But I wanted some photo documentation of some of the costumes I’ve sewn in the past few months. I finished this 1780s Italian Gown last November and I’ve been adding accessories onto the look since then and reviving some old pieces….

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Late 1780s Robe en Chemise Costume

When I tell people I like making historical costumes they always ask me, “Where are you going to wear that?” Well, guess what? I finally wore a costume to an event! I went to Dallas for the DFW Costumer’s Guild‘s annual Georgian Picnic. It’s a gathering of costuming enthusiasts where we dress up in 18th-century through Regency era clothes, eat, play games, socialize, and generally have a fun time. (from Festive Attyre’s Flickr album) Here’s everyone…

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Venturing into the 18th Century

I know I haven’t been posting often lately but I feel I have a good excuse. Costumes. All the costumes. I’ve been dabbling in costuming work for the past year or so. If you haven’t been following along you can check out my previous Regency undies and dress and my recent cosplay. I’m working on garments from several eras right now but today I’m showing off my new 18th century undies. I’m going for a…

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