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Tag: jewelry

DIY Jewelry Projects, or activities for a 17 hour road trip

Last Christmas I sat in the back seat of a compact car for over 17 hours driving from Texas to Ohio. Yes, I, too, wondered “What the hell was I thinking?!?” So to pass the time I brought a little box filled with tools and supplies and an iPhone with the Pinterest app and set out for some fierce back-seat-jewelry making! Since then I also made a couple other pieces included in this post. And…

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Using Scraps: Jersey Finger Knit Bracelet

I found this great idea from V and Co. to make a cute bracelet from strips of knit fabric. What a perfect way to use up my ever growing pile of jersey fabric scraps! strip of fabric for bracelet V and Co. gives plenty of instructions, even a finger knitting video if you’ve never done it before or if you need a refresher. finger weaving I made my bracelet with the two finger method. cutting…

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Feather Earrings

Just a quick jewelry project I made a few days ago – kind of a Native American feel that I’m liking lately. They are easy to make yourself with a small amount of colorful seed beads, jewelry wire, earring hooks and feathers. I bought mine online at Gem Junkie. I love when it takes more time to take photos of the craft, edit them, upload them and then blog about them than is does to…

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Macrame necklace

I saw this fun bohemian style necklace idea on PS I made this and wanted to make my own. PS I made this has tons of easy and fashionable project ideas to create and the blogger even has her own book! I rummaged together some beads, chain and twine like string for the macrame bit. I haven’t done finger weaving since I was, oh, 5? So it took a bit of trial and error to…

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Craft: Dangly Necklace

Even though I moved to a new apartment over 2 months ago I still have yet to move all of my craft supplies from the garage to upstairs. I couldn’t even tell you where my jewelry supply case is anymore. It would have been useful with this project because instead of using my needle nose pliers I used tweezers and instead of using up my jump rings I had to buy new ones. Lame. I…

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Button Earrings

Another project for my online craft class. Button earrings! So easy and fun. I might have to buy more button makers and make more. Alas, if only all craft experiences were so easy. I’ve had two craft fails this week. One was this embroidered necklace I was trying to make but the fabric was too stiff and everything kept fraying or not staying tight enough. Ugh, it was a mess. The other was a stuffed…

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I bought the beads to make these earrings about a year ago. I can’t believe I let them sit around for so long. We’ll I finally made them! Pretty simple but I like ’em. Jewelry pliers are an amazing tool. I’ve been in a creative mood lately.

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