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Kwik Sew 30720 Baby Shirt v3

This is just a quick project that I finished. It seems like I’ve been in the midst of so many projects that hardly any are finished. It’s nice to be able to whip something out really fast, ya know? So I know another person who’s having a baby soon, and it seams like they’re all having boys which is great for me ’cause I’m getting my money’s worth out of this Kwik Sew pattern. This…

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Baby Shirt v2, Kwik Sew 3730

I swear that no less than 4 authors of blogs on my blog reader have announced pregnancies in the last couple weeks. I imagine an influx of baby clothes sewing on the blogosphere in about 6 months. No, I’m not preggers but a cousin of mine just had a little baby boy so I made this tiny top as a gift for him.  The Fabric: Some plaid quilting cotton from The Common Thread (look at…

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Baby Size Button Down – Kwik Sew 3730

Everyone say “awww!!” My co-worker and his wife are having a baby next March and they just found out it’s a boy. So, keeping with my goal of a handmade Christmas I made them a baby shirt! This is the first time I’ve ever made kid clothes and I think this little shirt is adorable! I didn’t know how to display this tiny shirt. Obviously I don’t have a baby available nor did I have…

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Using Scraps: Baby Hat

About a month ago I found this great idea for a baby hat from Make It and Love It and thought it would be an awesome way to use up some scrap fabric! This brown striped knit fabric was leftover from my T-Shirt Mini Dress. My printer isn’t working so I just copied the directions for the pattern from Make It and Love It. I used the pattern to cut out two pieces for the…

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