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Hanging porch bed

Today is this big day – I’m signing the papers for my new house. Movers come at 9 am tomorrow and we have until the 10th to clear out and clean the apartment.

Forgive me if my posts are sparse for a couple weeks. I’m going to be up to my nose in boxes but a new house brings new creative ideas. Firstly I’ll have my very own craft room! Yippee!

Secondly I have one other project that I’m actually surprisingly most excited about. I want to build a hanging porch bed on our covered back porch.

I don’t know why I got this idea stuck in my brain but I think it would be a perfect wood working project to start on at the new place. It doesn’t require that many tools or difficult cuts. It is essentially a big rectangle platform with holes drilled for rope or chain. Sew a few pillows and find a mattress and voila.

I don’t want a huge bed, probably twin or slightly smaller, more like lounge chair size.

I found a few different versions with detailed instructions here, here and here.

Here is a little more hanging bed inspiration for you!

pinned from here

pinned from here

this is like something out of a dream! pinned from here

pinned from here

I like the idea of having a headboard on one or two sides to have something to lean against. pinned from here

Wouldn’t this have been such a fun thing to have in your back yard when you were a kid?! It will be great for parties, too, or just for reading on the porch on summer evenings (or maybe fall for me because even summer nights don’t get down below 80 F in Texas!).

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