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Sneak Peak, or, the longest paint job of all time

This is a photo of my sewing room partially painted. I could have just picked one color like a normal person, but no, I had to go for some crazy stripe idea with four colors with lots of measuring and taping. And it’s really cutting into my sewing time.

I have two walls finished and are drying. Today I’m shoving all the stuff back on those two walls so I can move the furniture on the other two walls away. I only moved a few things out of the room completely. Luckily I haven’t spilled any paint on anything so far!

I can only paint two stripes at a time because of the tape lines so it makes thing slower than normal. And I just realized I’m probably going to need more paint. Ugh.

This is why I kept putting off painting – I use that room so much that now I’ve migrated fabric cutting to the dining room and if I do want to sew I have to go back and forth down the hall between two rooms.

Needless to say I’m a little annoyed. Part of me wants to finish this dang dress and part of me wants to finish painting so then neither thing gets done and instead I blog.

On the other hand it does make me appreciate more that I have my own sewing room and that it is no longer the dining room. I bet most of you have had the dining room as a sewing room at one point in your lives. I think a lot of sewers must eat at the coffee table. 😉

***Do you have a sewing room/studio/cabinet/alcove/dining room? How do you make it your own? Do you think I’m crazy for trying to paint in such a tiny room without removing all the furniture? Did I just answer my own question by asking it?

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  • My sewing room is my kitchen. My knitting area is anywhere with a place to sit. I live in a smallish apartment and am lucky I live alone right now. While I’m okay eating dinner standing next to the sink, I highly doubt anyone else would put up with it. I just figure having projects out everywhere at all times is a good way to keep busy.

  • Cute how the colours your chose for your sewing space match those here on your blog 🙂 I like the stripes!
    Yeah, I’m still sewing on the dining table and cutting out on the floor. Lack of space prevents any other means for the time. I am day dreaming of a day of a dedicated sewing space – and I think Mr. poppykettle is too!

  • I’m about to be painting a room without moving the furniture, so I feel your pain about the annoyance involved…as for sewing space, I just left a living situation in which my bedroom desk was my sewing table, the cutting-out process involved pulling all my roommates’ beer-brewing equipment off the dining table (ie, the random junk depository), and my ironing board lived in the front room…SO over that. SO ready to have a dedicated sewing area. Will still be my bedroom–but the room is finally big enough to take it, luckily…

  • I think people who can do things for themselves sometimes don’t allow themselves time to do things. That room is going to look awesome! My friend’s living room is done in shades of gray, similar to the stripes you have on your wall. Everyone reacts when they see it. I bet yours will be the best sewing room when you finish. So what if it takes time to get there?

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