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Tag: swimwear

Lily Sage & Co Splash Swimsuit + some pillows!

It’s summer! That means it’s time for swimsuit sewing! This is the Splash Swimsuit by Lily Sage & Co. This pattern came out a couple years ago but I only found it last fall. Back then I had just enough leftover galaxy fabric from these leggings to squeeze out a swimsuit. I cut the pieces out months ago but it wasn’t until the day before I was set to go visit family – and knowing…

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30 Days of Sundresses – Indigo Dyed Beach Cover Up

My good friend Melissa from Melly Sews is a fellow Austinite. You might have seen me talk about her a few times. Like last year I decided to join her month long celebration of summer-y dresses but this time I wanted to mix it up so I made a fun beach cover up. And as my upcoming island vacation is not for another couple of months I’m afraid my backyard fence will have to stand in…

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Dropping a Bombshell

Hey readers, I feel like I’ve been neglecting this blog and my blog reader/twitter/sewing community in general for the last week or so. Sorry for that! I hope to get back to reading all your lovely blogs and comments right away. If you want to read more about what’s been making me so distracted you can skip down to the bottom of this post, or skip over it entirely. In the mean time I want…

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Swim Along Progress

I usually don’t post in progress posts ’cause I never really know what to say but these two projects are ones I’m excited about – both swim suits! Have you been following along with the SwimAlong? This post is making me want to make a scuba inspired zip-up suit! I’m working on two suits. This first pic is the bikini bottoms I’m making from Ohh Lulu’s Grace Panties pattern. This pattern is designed for stretchy…

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Dixie DIY’s Summer Swimsuit Sew-along Pt 8: The Finished Swimsuit!

Thanks everyone for following along on this swimwear journey. I’m finally rewarding you with the finished product! To recap, in case you haven’t been following along, this is Kwik Sew 3779 Version B and is the second time I made it. The first time the suit turned out to be way too big. This time I chose a size smaller but lengthened the body by 1/2″. The fabric is from Fabricker here in Austin. It’s…

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Dixie DIY’s Summer Swimsuit Sew-along Pt 7: Arm and Leg Elastic

  Woohoo! Last construction post for our swimsuit! Today we will add our final elastic to the arm and leg holes. Kwik Sew is kind enough as usual to tell us exactly how long to cut our elastic for each size. If you want to go ahead and cut all your elastic at once be sure to label which piece goes where because the arm and leg elastic are almost the same length, almost. So…

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Dixie DIY’s Summer Swimsuit Sew-along Pt 6: Attaching front to back

Only two more posts to go and you’ll be ready to strut your stuff on your beach vacay! Aren’t you excited!?!?!?! Let’s get a move on. Last time we finished with step 7, adding elastic to the neckline. Remember how we didn’t gather under the bust yet like it says to do in step 4? Well, we’re going to do that now. Sew gathering stitches between notches and be sure not to sew over the…

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DixieDIY’s Summer Swimsuit Sew-along Pt 5: Bust and Back

Today we’re working on steps 4-7 of the pattern – prepping the bust and back pieces. For the bust triangles you have to baste the lining together. Since we’re adding bust cups (if you’re not go ahead and follow the instructions exactly) we won’t baste all the way around. We’ll leave the inner edge un-basted from about 4 in from the top and slip in our cups. If your bust cups are too big you…

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