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Swim Along Progress

I usually don’t post in progress posts ’cause I never really know what to say but these two projects are ones I’m excited about – both swim suits!

Have you been following along with the SwimAlong? This post is making me want to make a scuba inspired zip-up suit!

I’m working on two suits. This first pic is the bikini bottoms I’m making from Ohh Lulu’s Grace Panties pattern.

This pattern is designed for stretchy fabrics on the sides and woven fabrics on the bias for the front and back center sections. Obviously I used swim fabric for all panels and I’m happy to report that it works fine with all stretch fabrics!

The only other change I made was to sew a layer of lining fabric on the front and back center panels rather than the use the crotch lining piece. Now all it needs is elastic (oh, and a top to go with it).


The other swimsuit I’m working on is Closet Case Files‘ new Bombshell Swimsuit! I’m making version A with the sweetheart neckline. This is the front piece gathered at the sides. I need to order more swim cups in order to finish it, though.

I really like this design with the skirt front and the ruched sides. (Doesn’t she look great!?)

My fabric is a big floral print that I think will look cool with all the ruching. I got it at Fabricker!

Also, I was pondering an idea – I love sewing swimwear but sometimes finding supplies can be difficult. I was thinking about buying a bunch of typical swim supplies and selling them as kits or on their own on Etsy or something. You know, get your swim cups, lining and elastic all in one go. Thoughts?

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  • I would love that!!! I’ve been wanting to sew swimsuit since I saw heather lou’s bombshell pattern but it’s hard to find the supplies here that I nearly gave up UNTIL I read your post ๐Ÿ˜€

    And please, do ship internationally …
    I will be veryyyyy grateful :p

  • Your suits are looking terrific! I don’t know that I’m on the swimsuit bandwagon just yet, but I’m sure I’ll find myself on it before too long, and I would LOVE to have a one-stop shop to go to for supplies. I think the kits are a great idea.

  • I love the idea of your swimsuit kits…I don’t even know where to start looking for stuff like that and I’m sure I’m not the only one! Your swimsuits are looking great by the way!!!

  • Both suits are looking goooood! Love the print on both! Can’t wait to make my next Bombshell in a print. So with you on the scuba suit – I thought the same thing when i saw that post. If you did a really simple black racer back bikini top with those bottoms you would be scuba-tastic. Good lord you must have a lot of swimsuits by now!

  • Ooo that first suit looks amazing! I’ve been a bit slow catching onto all this swimsuit making happening but now I’ve got the Bombshell and am ready for the sewalong. Where do you get the swim cups from??

  • Both are looking sooo cute… You’re going to get me to begrudgingly accept that gold flecked fabric, aren’t you?? ๐Ÿ˜‰ I think the swimsuit kits are a great idea!

  • I love posts like this! It shows me that other seamstresses go through the same process like I do and garments don’t appear completed out of nowhere.

    I saw the release of Closet Case’s swimsuit. It’s awesome! I can’t wait until you finish to see how it looks!

  • I would totally buy from your Etsy store. Kits are a great idea because I personally want dummy proof to try swim wear! Please post if you decide to do it!

  • All the bombshell swimsuits I’ve seen so far have been amazing. I’m sure yours will too. Especially with that fabric. It would be fabulous if you set up an Etsy shop. Since seeing the bombshell I’ve been really wanting to make it but I don’t know anywhere in Ireland that sells swim supplies and would have to go searching online. A one stop shop would be great!

  • Wow! I love that top! I usually just wear bikini tops with mens swim trunks, because I hate covering my stomach with swim fabric for some reason, but I know other people probably don’t appreciate my chubbiness. I’ve been thinking about getting a cute top just like this!

    I think it’d be a great idea to make kits! I would say only make up a few and put those on Etsy and see how well they sell first though. I wouldn’t end up buying any because I live only a 10-15 minute drive from various craft stores: Hobby Lobby, Craft Warehouse, Joannes, Micheals, plus many mom and pop shops that specialize in things like yarn or beads or fabric. I’m well stocked, here! Plus, the fact that I live in an area that has tons of bigger towns close to each other… But I know plenty of people (a lot of my family, for instance) are in areas where they have to drive for quite some time in order to get to any store, even the grocery store. So I know it’d be appreciated!

  • Thanks Maddie, I never really know what to say about my in-progress stuff but I’m glad others like seeing what I’m up to, too. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Good lord, I’ve got at least five me-made suits (I went pretty crazy last year). Some I wear more than others of course. I can’t wait to add a couple more, tho ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • I wouldn’t mind shipping internationally but I worry that the cost would be as much as the supplies, ya know. ๐Ÿ™ maybe we can convince some aussie or euro friends to start their own supply stores, too?

  • please, let me drag you onto the bandwagon, i’m sure you’d love it! haha. seriously, swim suit sewing is really fun. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • There’s quite a number of local stores in my area but only a couple sell swim lining or elastic and none sell those awesome cups that I like. I keep hinting to the local stores to carry more swimwear prints. The kits might be useful for people who aren’t sewing half a dozen swimsuits at once line me. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • My bottoms are only needing elastic, too. Yours are looking good! I’ve used the high waisted OhhLulu undies pattern and it would be fun to play with color blocking with it. And I’m totally jumping on Heather’s Bombshell pattern. Oh, yes!

  • Woah, I’m loving those Ohh Lulu’s panties swim bottoms. I think I’m going to look that pattern up, as I am making my swimsuit with cotton fabric, so this pattern will likely be very good for it! And, of course I, like everybody else, love the Bombshell bathing suit. Can’t wait to see your’s made up!

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