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True Bais Hudson Pants #2

Hey all of you lovelies! Thanks so much for all the comments on my dress. I was on vacation last week so I wasn’t able to keep up with comments as much without phone service. Speaking of vacation I wore my first pair of Hudsons nearly the entire trip. Comfy *and* warm! I made this second pair the day before I left but only wore them a couple times (no cool nature pics with these…

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True Bias Hudson Pants

The Goal: I’m going on a road trip this month! A trip that involves several hours in a car and a lot of hiking at my destination. It’s also November and I notoriously own a grand total of two pairs of pants. Both jeans. Yeah, I need some more pants. Mission accomplished! (I realize black fabric is difficult to photograph so I upped the exposure on these pics to make the details easier to see)…

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Sew Caroline’s Out and About Dress for Sewing Indie Month

Sewing Indie Month continues! Today my tutorial goes live on and I made Caroline’s Out and About Dress pattern to go with it. Caroline is a sweet and fun gal from Ft. Worth, TX (yay Texas!) who blogs about handmade fashion, food and DIY. She’s got a bunch of easy, quick and totally doable tutorials that are worth taking a peek at. AND she designs patterns! Take a look at her newest Sugar Pop…

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Pattern Anthology Parisian and Day Tripper tops

Oh, look, it’s two makes in one post. It’s like sewing bonus points! Well, there’s a reason for that. Both of these patterns come from the new Pattern Anthology “Just Add Jeans” collection. Pattern Anthology is a collaboration between four indie pattern designers (Kate, Melissa, Andrea and Shauna) who release seasonal PDF pattern collections available at a deep discount for only two weeks. I got asked to try out the new designs and how could…

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Ajusted Renfrew (with bows!)

I made this little shirt several months ago and then immediately lost it. When I found it and realized why – it was still in the bag I used to carry it to my sewing group meet up to show it off. I must have never unloaded it from the bag. Oh well, also I just got my camera working again but alas, the focus isn’t functioning well on my lens so for these pics…

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Cake Espresso Leggings

First of all, I fully realize that leggings are not pants so no, I don’t intend to walk out on the street like this. But this is a sewing blog so I’m gonna wear ’em on here FOR SCIENCE! Second of all, I have to admit my good friend Susan works for Cake and helped me pick out the perfect fabric and gave me tips and such. She’s great, and now I have awesome leggings!…

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Cynthia Rowley Dress – Simplicity 1802

I’ve been sewing constantly it seems as of late – working on costumes (the Civil War one and another which I’ll tell you about soon, promise) and some other projects. This is one I just finished. The Goal: This dress was an attempt at stash busting. I had this pattern that I bought months ago but never used. I really liked the design tho. And I have a bunch of random knits in my stash….

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Breaking the Rules with Anna

What!? Making a woven pattern out of a knit?? How daring! Ok, not really. 😉 But with the fabric I used it was kind of a gamble to see if this would work with the new Anna dress. The Goal: Trying to stashbust meets wanting a quick and easy make. I had a bunch of knits in my stash that I had yet to use and most of the patterns I’ve been wanting to sew…

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