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Ajusted Renfrew (with bows!)

I made this little shirt several months ago and then immediately lost it. When I found it and realized why – it was still in the bag I used to carry it to my sewing group meet up to show it off. I must have never unloaded it from the bag.

Oh well, also I just got my camera working again but alas, the focus isn’t functioning well on my lens so for these pics I had to choose between “in focus and angry face” or “blurry smile.” Focus won out (for the most part) because pics of the shirt are more important than pics of me looking like I like the shirt. I do like the shirt, really.

The Goal: A few months ago I made my Espresso leggings. When I went to clean up my sewing space I realized that I might have just enough fabric left to make a t-shirt out of it! SUCCESS!!

Don’t ya just love when that happens?

The Pattern: So I whipped out my Sewaholic Renfrew pattern that I had adjusted for my last Renfrew so I knew it would fit.

The Fabric: Leftover rayon/spandex jersey from Austin Fabric Co-op. It’s very lightweight and drape-y. Stashbusting for the win!

The Changes: I didn’t use the band at the bottom of the shirt and I kind of made up new collar and cuff pieces ’cause I couldn’t find the originals. Oops.

I used Susan’s tip of adding Stitch Witchery at the hem for a crisp edge.

But the cool part – BOWS! BOWS! BOWS!

I got the idea from here but I didn’t follow that tutorial. It’s the same basic process, though, just with fabric rather than ribbon if you want to try it yourself.

There wasn’t really a plan to the bows. I cut another piece of fabric the width of my sleeve cuffs, sewed the long edge, turned it inside out and pressed flat. Then I folded it into the bow shape, wrapped it in another piece of the tube and hand stitched it to the sleeve. In the end it was pretty much the same idea as that tutorial.

The Results: I love when I can whip up a project in a couple hours. So satisfying. And it’s a solid so it’ll get a lot of wear. Plus, BOWS!!!!

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