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And I’m Back! With a BurdaStyle Blouse

Yes, I have returned! With a new computer! That I got, like, today. First of all, I was thisclose to finishing my new pattern when my old laptop gave out and I have yet to install Adobe Illustrator on this computer to finish it. Luckily I saved the pattern file on an SD card so I can work on it without having to recover my old harddrive. So that means it’ll be a little while…

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Travel Sewing: Train-Style Vanity Case from A Bag for All Reasons

Something about this last vacation made me interested in sewing useful things for travelling. Maybe it’s because I finally got to use my travel pillow I made months ago (and it was amazing! I could actually sleep on a plane! AH-mazing!!). I’ve even been making a list of my ultimate travel sewing projects (because why buy luggage when you can make it!). You can read my ever expanding list after the review. (source: u-handbag) This…

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DIY Couture (Guest Post by Susan from MoonThirty)

***Hola readers! By now I’ll be burning my skin on some beach and drinking virgin daiquiris from plastic cup… or something like that, haha. But just so you all don’t miss me too much 😉 here’s the first of some awesome guest posts I have lined up for you while I’m gone. Let me tell you a little about Susan – she’s a crafting queen with a throne room to make anyone envious – her…

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Attack of the Sleeves!, or, the Colette Taffy Blouse

(holy moly! thems some huge sleeves!!) Going into this project I knew that the Taffy Blouse from the Colette Sewing Handbook (this month’s BiblioStyles pick) had flutter sleeves. I like flutter sleeves. They’re pretty and great for summer when I don’t want fabric touching my body. What I didn’t realize until I looked at the pattern pieces was that the sleeves were near full circles! Completely unlike any other sleeve pattern piece I’ve ever seen,…

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My Sewing Book Club and how you can start your own!

(My contributions to the book club meeting – organizer wallet and travel neck pillow) You may have read in previous posts that I am part of a local sewing group that gets together a couple times a month for various sewing extravaganzas. Well, as part of that sewing group, my friend Susan and I began a Sewing Book Club of sorts and dubbed it BiblioStyles (a mash up of “bibliophiles” and the name of our…

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Using scraps: One Yard Wonders Cheeky Panties

I have a relatively small stash, much to the shock of my sewing friends who seem to have entire guest bedrooms filled with fabric. Most of my stash consists of leftovers from already made projects. I hate those small cut up pieces which is why I love using scraps. It’s such a satisfying feeling! And making your own undies from leftover jersey is the perfect way to use up scraps. Why on earth haven’t I…

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Sewing For Boys Book Review

I don’t really sew for children. Ok, I’ve made like four things and a couple quilts. But I liked this new book so much that I thought I’d review it. I know not every reader here has kids or sews for kids but if you’re interested please continue reading! There aren’t many good clothes sewing patterns out there for little one, especially boys (not counting Oliver+S, which have super cute designs). Now, I know there…

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Fabric by Fabric One Yard Wonders Neck Pillow

In January I bought the new Fabric by Fabric: One Yard Wonders book and a woman in my sewing group, Susan, came up with the idea to have a sewing book club and we chose this book for our first meeting in March. I’ve already made the wallet from this book and this pillow is my second project. The “Work in Comfort” Travel Set includes a neck pillow and cushioned lap desk but I only…

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