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The Unmentionable(s) Post

Ok, I cleaned up my sewing space for the most part. It’s at least usable now but I think I’m overdue for a supply overhaul. And with that I was able to do a little sewing work! Thanks again to all the kind responses on the last post, I probably can’t get around to replying to every comment but know that I appreciate the advice which all seemed to come from personal experience. 😉 I…

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Using scraps: One Yard Wonders Cheeky Panties

I have a relatively small stash, much to the shock of my sewing friends who seem to have entire guest bedrooms filled with fabric. Most of my stash consists of leftovers from already made projects. I hate those small cut up pieces which is why I love using scraps. It’s such a satisfying feeling! And making your own undies from leftover jersey is the perfect way to use up scraps. Why on earth haven’t I…

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Dixie’s Big Fat List of Bra Suppliers and FAQ

(Don’t you just love my photoshop montage skills??? From top left: Merckwaerdign Mix4, Sewy Amelie, Elan 511, Danglez DB5, Kwik Sew 3300, Pin Up Girls Classic Bra) ****Note: In the years since I first compiled this list, lingerie sewing has exploded over the blogosphere/social media. It’s now much easier to buy kits, patterns, and supplies. Since then I’ve moved on from lingerie and haven’t kept this list as up to date as I’d like. Please leave…

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Kwik Sew 3300, or, The Bra, Improved

Dear Friends and Family who read this blog, Yes, I’m talking about underwear again. If that makes you uncomfortable here are some videos of munchkin cats you can watch. Love, Dixie This is my second hand-made bra! And I can already tell that I’ve improved soooo much since the first bra I sewed. Pattern: I used Kwik Sew 3300 Version A because I didn’t want to wait for a pattern to come in the mail….

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Pin-Up Girls Classic Bra Pattern, or, making things awkward for my real life friends

For some reason I keep copying Colette – first it was my black and white Jasmine top that mimicked their sample, now I’m making the same bra pattern Sarai made about a week ago. Next thing you know I’ll be making light blue capri Colvers. In my defense, none of these things were intentional. In my desire to learn more about swimwear sewing I found myself at looking at bra kits and patterns because…

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