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Tag: victorian

1838 Cotton Print Day Dress and Lacy Fichu

This new historical costume was made for a Costube (Costuming YouTubers) collaboration. Laura Ingalls Gunn invited me to a small 1840s themed tea party and even though I already had two 1840s costumes I had just seen Black Snail’s new 1837-1840 pattern and knew I had to make it! I figure the pattern’s date range was good enough for 1840s. The dress is based on an extant from the V&A museum. I’d highly recommend the…

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1840s Ballgown

I made this dress on a pretty tight deadline intending to wear it to a small Victorian-themed, Covid-safe get-together this past winter but that got delayed multiple times and I still haven’t been able to wear this gown out and about. I choose the 1840s specifically because the era is pre-crinoline and pre-bustles. I didn’t want to have to make any complicated underlayers when I was already short on time. But the more I dive…

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1860s Work Dress and Accessories

I started working on this costume in 2013 (!!!) and finally finished it last summer. It was the first costuming project I ever started and I abandoned it halfway through when I realized the pattern I had bought (thinking it was a casual work dress) turned out to be a fancy summer dress. In my defense, the fabric they used for the sample on the envelope cover is quite plain and beige, not fancy-looking at…

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