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Tag: Regency

Recreation of an 1815 Norwegian Wedding Dress

This costume project was a big one I finished earlier in the year and made a video about it here. The dress is a recreation of this gown from a Norwegian museum. Dated to 1815, the gown is part of a collection of “bridal attire” including a pair of green shoes and an orange shawl. But the reason I really wanted to make it was because it had a pattern! Sort of. The listing included…

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Black Snail Regency Era Dress and Spencer

You might remember my last Regency project – this black velvet and silk spencer, which I made specifically to hide the back bodice of a poorly made white striped gown. Which was my second attempt at making a white striped Regency gown. It feels like I’ve been trying to make one stupid dress for years with no luck – until now! Sheer white muslin dresses were like the little black dress of the Regency era….

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