Simplicity 1419 with Smuggler’s Daughter Fabric


Amazingly, it’s been kind of chilly the past couple days which made me think – how can I style a sleeveless dress for this frigid 60 degree weather we’re having? So I paired it with some tights and a long sleeve shirt and a, uh, winter necklace, I guess? FASHION!

But then you might be asking: “Dixie, if you dressed up for cold weather why didn’t you take these pictures outdoors?” and I would say, “Are you insane!? It’s practically a new ice age outside! But no matter, it’s now nap hibernation time.”

Onward to the dress –


The Pattern: Simplicity 1419 is a Lisette pattern that is pretty much your standard fit-and-flare design with skirt pleats and a darted bodice. I thought the simple style would be a good way to show off this border fabric. Plus, I’ve never used this pattern before so I wanted to see how well it would turn out.


The Fabric: This lovely lavender linen from Smuggler’s Daughter. It’s a mid-weight which made it substantial enough for a dress. What I really loved was the wide, embroidered, cut-out border on one edge.

I did the pretty standard choice to place the border on the hem but you could add it to other places like a front or back yoke or even use it for lace-y short sleeves.

The fabric is wide so I was able to cut out the whole dress in two yards with quite a lot of fabric leftover (at one point I thought I was going to add sleeves but then decided not to, even with sleeves cut out I still had a ton of fabric remaining).

I didn’t line the skirt because I like the open effect (I think it looks really good with the tights). But you could line it with a complimentary color for a little bit of pop at the hem.

(I don’t really know what I’m doing in this picture but here is a side view.)

I worried the embroidery would be difficult to sew over but it was fine. On the side seams I sewed a normal straight stitch then serged the seam allowances. If you don’t have a serger, you could zig zag or bind your seam allowances with something like Seams Great.

(Pockets, yay!)

The Changes: Only a few. I shortened the bodice by an inch. Normally Simplicity patterns hit my waist at the right spot but lately I’ve been gravitating towards a slightly higher waist. Not sure why. It doesn’t look like much of a difference in the pics but I can tell when I wear it.


I also took a little bit of fullness out of the skirt at the curved hem to make the straight-ness of the border less noticeable on the finished dress.

The pattern has you add a tiny button and loop at the top of the front neckline, making the slit into a keyhole. I left it off. I like the open look. Plus, I hate trying to turn tiny tubes (there’s a lot of alliteration going on in this post, sorry).


The Results: This is quite a cute dress and bonus points for taking it from summer to fall! I love love love the eyelet at the hem, especially from a distance where you can see the full pattern. It’s a solid color so it goes with many other garments but the eyelet makes it stand out. A little cake with your frosting, if you will.

Big thanks to Smuggler’s Daughter for this wonderful fabric! And if you want to save on your first Smuggler’s Daughter order you can like them on Facebook for a coupon code worth $10 off!
  • LisaSmallThings

    It really is a cute dress, and I love the way you styled it!

  • The dress is terrific – I also love what you’ve paired it with.

  • Brilliant idea and lovely dress! I always dream of wearing my pretty dresses with tights and a cardigan in the winter but even that is too cold! But a layer UNDER….. hmmm that might work….

  • The outfit looks really cute on you! And that side pose, I think it’s called “Doing a Tilly”! 😉

  • Ahh, you know for a min I thought that pose looked familiar. I remember now, I was just about to do a twirl but I guess the camera timer was too quick.


  • Very cute! And great idea with the layering!

  • lisa g

    love this dress layered! the eyelet with tights behind is so cute.

  • Thanks! I think black tights really stand out.

  • Thank you heather!

  • Thanks! I’ve never really tried this look before but I like it.

  • Thanks so much!

  • Hey thanks! And I just checked out your new pattern. I’m glad more people can now make your nifty skirt. 🙂

  • I LOVE this dress! I think it’s great!

  • Really cute! I love the cut-outs in the hem, and they keyhole neckline.

  • I am too! Even though yours looked great, a pattern may be easier than a tutorial 🙂

  • Melissa Mora

    That border is AWESOME! And I love the fall styling.