By Hand London’s Holly Jumpsuit


This is quite possibly the most hipster thing I will ever sew. I mean, it’s a rayon romper in a slightly 90s-esque print and color scheme. I don’t think I’m quite Coachella enough for this outfit.

The Goal: I was pretty busy when BHL asked if I wanted to test the Holly so I passed. But after they released the pattern and I saw a bunch of finished versions I was intrigued. Could I pull off a playsuit? A romper? An adult onesie? Without looking like a five year old? We’ll see…

The Pattern: The Holly Jumpsuit. I made the short version with the sleeve cuffs and button front.


The Fabric: A rayon from the Common Thread. I’m pretty sure it’s by a designer but honestly I don’t remember who. It’s got a tiny chevron print with lots of brown and earth tones in it. I think the soft drape of rayon worked well for this pattern.


The silver buttons were some leftovers from another project that I had bought in Dallas last year. I think the slight southwestern look of them really adds to the overall super-hipster factor.


The Changes: I only had four of those buttons so mine has far fewer buttons than the pattern calls for.


Also, I kinda forgot to sew the back darts on the shorts. Oops. Which makes sense now ’cause I was like “why are these back pieces longer than the back bodice?” I ended up sewing a line of stay stitching and easing in the excess. Only after finishing the whole garment did I realize my mistake.


Possibly because of that dart mistake I stitched the back waist seam tighter to fix what I thought was a sway back issue. I usually need to make some kind of sway back adjustment anyway but had I paid attention the back waist might have been smoother. Oh, well.


The Results: I like it. I really do. But having never been a romper wearer it’s an unfamiliar look for me that I have to get used to. Like, you really gotta ooze confidence to sport a more stylish version of toddler-clothes.

The first time I wore it was to a sewing meet up where I felt comfortable dressed in whatever I’ve made in front of my friends but afterwards some of us went to a restaurant and that’s when I suddenly realized “I am wearing a romper. In public.”

An yet the Earth did not implode. AND even Justin said it was “cute” (I’m going to print out that sentence and frame it). Maybe I can pull off this look?? Aww, look at me – branching out in my personal style. I should give myself a pat on the back for that, right after I figure out the easiest way to use the bathroom while wearing a onesie…

  • Its super cute, you look great! I can’t wait to try out this pattern πŸ™‚

  • There is no easy way to go to the bathroom. Boobs out. But you are DEFINITELY pulling this off! I’m a romper fan so that’s easy for me to say, but I really think you look gorgeous & comfortable.

  • You look super cute! Definitely a winner.

  • lifeinamadshouse

    It IS super cute! You rock this romper and should probably wear it all the time. =)

  • I think it looks really nice! Definitely hipster but in a good way. At least all your raw edges are finished. And those buttons! Call me a hipster but I love them.

  • I think it’s really cute! I feel the same way about tempers though.. I like them on other people, but not so sure about wearing them myself!

  • Sofie M

    Looks great. You can certainly pull this off no problem! I love it with the hat. I remember my favourite one (that I made) from the late ’80’s – purple rayon with white polka dots! (I still have the pattern too).

  • wendy

    Looks awesome! I really like this fabric πŸ™‚

  • Looks great but I feel the same way. I already look like a child WITHOUT wearing a onesie (when I teach…now in my 6th year…I get asked if I’m the student teacher 😐 ….), so yeah, not planning on trying this one anytime soon. But it looks great on all corners of the blogosphere (here included)!

  • Haha! I love the commentary. But it IS really cute on you! I don’t think a romper will ever be in my future. I feel like I’m at a crossroads with my age where I really need to start thinking about what I wear. Love that print.

  • Suzanne Mills

    I laughed at the Coachella thing. I definitely could not pull off a romper but I think it really is cute on you.

  • lisa g

    love that the earth did in fact *not* implode from you wearing a romper! haha totally loved the commentary, that’s exactly what would be going through my head. looks great on you!

  • It looks fantastic – and maybe it’s just all the BHL jumpsuits I’ve seen, but it doesn’t even look “edgy” to me any more – just a normal cute outfit πŸ™‚

  • This is really cute! I love the fabric, and I think you look awesome in it!

  • I love it & I think you can totally pull it off. I know what you mean though- feeling comfortable is so important & if you feel overly self-conscious wearing something then I don’t think you’ll ever look your best. That said, I do like trying out new to me styles too & after a few wears I’ll often wonder what I was so worried about!

  • truebias

    this is just too great. love everything about it. i have this pattern and have been debating which version to sew up. you may have tipped me over to this short length. it really looks amazing on you.

  • sallieforrer

    I love this look on you! It’s incredibly cute – and not in the toddler way! I think the fabric and buttons are a perfect match, and you’re totally pulling the whole look off!

  • You rock the look! It is lovely!

  • Rebekah Fox

    I’ve seen a lot of celebs wear this type of garment (like Taylor Swift) and have never liked the style… Until I saw yours today. I don’t know what you did, could it be the print? The design cut? Whatever it may be, I love your jumpsuit!

  • Carolyn

    I really like this on you! You’re completely right – if you ooze confidence, I think you can wear whatever you want and look great doing it. Just own it – you look fabulous! πŸ™‚

  • I absolutely love this on you Dixie, it makes me want to make up this variation immediately and wish that summer wasn’t over here in London! I think your fabric choice is just perfect for it, makes it look much more adult and on trend

  • You can totally pull this off! I think it looks amazing and totally on trend! You’ve added accessories, used a gorgeous fabric and it looks nothing like “toddler” apparel. I love it!

  • Alida

    I’m working on a long pants button up version of this pattern right now! I bought black chambray for it. Unfortunately due to a cutting error I don’t have enough to sew the bottoms until more fabric comes in! Grrrrr.

  • You look awesome! Not hipster-y at all, just cute and comfy! I want these. Why is it so cold in Montreal?!

  • SUPER cute. I think you look way better-dressed than most Austin hipsters! Not at all kiddish or onesie-ish, in my opinion. Your version makes me want a Holly, and I didn’t even care for the pattern before!

  • I absolutely love it and think you can totally rock this look! Plus, the print is super awesome.

  • This looks super cool on you!

  • Rae

    It is so simple, yet so cute! I aboustly love it!

  • Looks great on you. I just don’t think I could be bothered taking the whole thing off to go to the bathroom πŸ™‚

  • thanks, the legs are pretty wide, a friend just suggested I do the whole – pull everything to the side – method. we’ll see… lol

  • thanks! my confidence is growing so hopefully i can rock this look proper πŸ˜‰

  • haha! thanks. you know, i’ve seen a bunch of dress versions of this pattern, basically just adding a gathered skirt to the bottom of this bodice.

  • haha, thanks! see, i saw your long pants version of this one, it’s too hot here for that! the two extremes I guess. house of pinheiro did a pants+this bodice version that was super cute.

  • not enough fabric, ugh. I hate that. i bet your version turns out great once your fabric arrives!

  • thanks! yeah, i wore the belt to try to break up the print, without it it is hard to see a waistline at all with the super tiny print.

  • thank you so much!!

  • haha, thanks, i’m going to try my best. πŸ˜‰

  • ha, thanks! honestly my mom used to wear a lot of (quite ugly) jumpsuits in the 90s, it’s a little hard to get over that horrific memory of jumpsuits so this is a big step forward, i guess. lol

  • aww, thanks!!

  • hahaha boobs out!
    thanks lady!

  • ha, thanks, i’m embracing my inner hipster now i guess. πŸ™‚

  • lol, i’m glad somebody did. πŸ˜‰

  • ha, thanks! yeah the jumpsuit is taking over the interwebs. i guess i had to “jump” on the bandwagon. πŸ˜‰

  • Haha. Oh boy the things we do for fashion πŸ™‚