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Burda Style Book Blouse #3

Burda Style Book Blouse

The Goal: This shirt, my first version of this pattern, is my most worn and most favorite shirt I own/have made. I sewed it back in August of 2012 and it’s starting to show it’s age. If I didn’t wear that top so much it would probably have a longer shelf life.


A few weeks ago I noticed the fibers pulling away from the stitches on the center back seam so I sewed the seam allowance a little tighter but that fix doesn’t help the problem of fabric straining on that spot. The fabric is just getting worn down.

I know eventually that seam will be the death of my beloved shirt so I decided I need to make a replacement.


The Pattern: The base blouse pattern from The BurdaStyle Sewing Handbook. Having made it twice already I was pretty confident I could make it again easily. For the number of pieces in this pattern it came together remarkably quickly.

I love the longer sleeves and the peplum. Most of all I love that it’s a peplum shirt I can put on without a zipper and adjust the drawstring however I want.


The Fabric: A cotton voile from Form&Fabric. It’s City Lights Night by Leah Duncan for Art Gallery Fabrics (look who saved her selvage…).


The Changes: The cuffs are slightly shorter than the original pattern. I combined the front and back yoke pieces into one so there’s no real shoulder seam.


And I cut down the top of the sleeve cap because it seemed so tall. On my first version I kept the original sleeve piece but I usually have to iron down the gathers else I get this high shoulder pouf that I don’t like.


To accommodate that back seam strain that I had in my first version I added a little more width to the center back and sewed narrower seam allowances.


Also, this isn’t really a change but I wanted to use a ribbon rather than cutting bias strips and sewing my own drawstring. Unfortunately I didn’t have any black ribbon long enough. This green one is just temporary until I buy a replacement.


The Results: Just like my other two, I love this shirt! And I hope it will last at least as long as the others in my wardrobe.

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