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Adding Bra Strap Carriers to your dresses and tops


This is my new favorite method to making bra strap carriers. I’ve heard these called many things – carriers, holders, lingerie strap-straps, whatever. Basically they’re belt loops for your bra straps.


Do you have shirts that constantly slip off your shoulders when you wear them? Or the other way around – do your bra straps refuse to stay in place? These nifty things help with both those problems. I’ve added them to clothes like the ones above that have wide or deep necklines. Attaching your shirt to your bra straps really helps and you can add these to clothes even after you’ve made them.


You’ll need two sets of sew on snaps, thread, scissors, very narrow ribbon (I’m using 1/8″), and your sewing machine.


First, stitch the bottom part of the snap to your shirt/dress on the inside of the shoulder seam. I’m sewing it on to a facing but you can also sew to the lining or the seam allowances, just don’t stitch through to the outside.

Start with your knot underneath the facing/seam allowance if you can, you want to reduce bulk around the snap so the snaps can hold together well. I made a basic blanket stitch around my snap and tied my knot under the facing when I finished.


Next cut a 2.5″ length of ribbon (more if you’ve got really wide bra straps, less if you’re working on a tank top or something with narrow shoulder straps) and thread it through the upper snap and match up the edges of the ribbon.


Attach the upper snap to the bottom snap and pin the ribbon flat along the shoulder seam.


Using a short, narrow zig zag stitch, sew over the ribbon close to the edges. Don’t stitch across more than two or three times or else you risk putting too many holes in the ribbon. Trim your ribbon ends if needed.

Repeat for the other shoulder.


Now when you wear your dress/top you can unsnap your carrier, tuck your bra strap under and snap it all back in place.

The reason I like this ribbon method is because I used to use a length of serger chain but sometimes the threads would break or come untied from snap. Threading the ribbon through the snap helps reduce bulk compared to tying a knot at the snap.

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