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Yellow Chevron Dress

Yellow Chevron Dress

As promised, here is my new finished dress. It is a knee length pullover dress with an elastic waist (here worn with a belt), buttons on the upper front and diagonal chevron style folds on the top front that are sewn down so they lay flat.

Yellow Chevron Dress

I originally made this dress design about three years ago but now I cannot find that dress (must be lost in the garage, I believe). It was inspired by a vintage romper I found online. The original dress was yellow as well so I kept that color for this one.

Yellow Chevron Dress

Since the buttercup yellow color of the dress was important to me I went with color over coverage. If I make this dress again I would use a thicker fabric. Realizing this I decided to line the skirt portion of the dress with an layer of the same fabric. I might go back and line the top as well… maybe, if I’m not too lazy.

Yellow Chevron Dress

For some reason I’m a little obsessed with this kind of sloped sleeves, rather than set in sleeves. This type of sleeve was really popular in the 50s, I’ve noticed. I just like how easy they hang. On this dress it also adds some interest because when you have your arms at your sides it looks like the stripes slope down on your arms – sort of like a zig zag on your upper body.

Yellow Chevron Dress

And to answer the question on everyone’s mind – when are you going to have a pattern for it? Unfortunately the answer is probably in about a month. Not only does this dress feature several pattern pieces that need to be transferred to the computer and sized but I also want to take time to work on making good instructions with images and make sure all the details are extra special. I’m steppin’ up my game with my next patterns I don’t want to rush things but I promise it will get done.

Yellow Chevron Dress

On a side note – I cut my bangs! It’s a new look for me. I’ve never had bangs like this before and I’m not exactly sure what to do with them. Kind of a bold statement for me but I’m going to rock ’em and and see if they grow on me.

Comments (11) for post “Yellow Chevron Dress”

  • I like it! The pleating on the bodice adds interest, but it’s still a simple dress. And, I also have a mild obsession with that type of sleeve… 🙂

  • Hi Dixie, the first thing I noticed was your new bangs. You look great! Maybe I would use a little longer, up to the eyebrows and the rest of the hair longer too (a little) because in this way change the frame of your round face. Also I think you’re too young to wear their hair so short. I do not know, it’s just an opinion.
    Of the dress was divine and super neat. It is true that is somewhat transparent but with a thicker fabric is not all that fresh or lacks softness and fall. For me it’s perfect. Congratulations!
    Note: I don’t know if I wrote very well in English, “Google translator helped me.
    Saludos cordiales desde Argentina.

  • Ditto! Noticed the bangs straight away.They’re luuuuurvly on you and the red lippy too. Striking.Really. 🙂
    Still in awe of your drafting lady.

  • thanks everyone for the encouraging comments!

    solymar, thanks, I’m trying to grow my hair longer. I’m in that awkward stage where my hair isn’t very short or very long. bienvenidos a mi blog!

  • Dixie, this is just lovely! The chevron folds turned out wonderfully – they’re a very visually interesting detail. You’re making me want to sew a yellow dress now! 😉

    Also, count another vote for loving the bangs. You are rocking them, for sure.

  • I love this dress! I would love to make it, and was really excited when I saw that you were planning on posting the pattern. But then I noticed that this blog is from april, and it’s september, but no pattern is up yet. God knows you’re super busy, like all of us crafters. But I really would love to get my hands on this dress pattern!!! Keep up the awesome work, I just found your blog today, and have been glued to it for 4 hours. LOVE IT.

  • Rebecca – yeah, sorry about that. When I made this dress I still hadn’t perfected the pattern details and planned on making a Version 2 and then making a pattern from the revised dress. Well, as you can imagine, that never happened. Making patterns takes a lot of time and this pattern was especially frustrating. I can’t say whether or not I’ll get around to it again but I’ll keep it on my to-do list. Thanks for reading!

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