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Sewing Buttons

Justin and I packed up to spend Easter weekend with family. I brought my nearly finished dress so I could attach the buttons on the front of the dress during the 3 hour car ride. I even filled a little ziplock bag with tiny scissors, thread and a needle.

But I forgot the buttons.

So instead of wearing my new yellow dress for Easter and taking pictures, I didn’t finish the dress until I came home today. I’ll share my finished dress tomorrow (I hope) instead of today but I’ve learned a valuable lesson – make a packing list and check it twice. Hope your weekend was fun and productive!

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  • I remember the day when we were off in our truck to plant some sweet corn, and when we were halfway to the future corn field, we noticed that we forgot to take the seed! Not a very good start, in my opinion!

    That dress shot looks tempting in every sense of the word. You have one eager awaiting reader here!


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