Cat Print Grainline Alder Dress

Cat Print Alder Dress

I don’t know why it took me so long to make this pattern – it’s a fantastic pattern, as I would expect from Grainline. Maybe it’s the fact that I don’t often wear sleeveless tops/dresses? Although, this dress may be the one that breaks that habit.

Cat Print Alder Dress

This’ll be a short and sweet post. Not much to say about this dress other than praise. It’s not very fitted at the waist so I like the scooped side hem. The shorter length in the front and sides helps balance out the looseness, I think.

Cat Print Alder Dress

Cat Print Alder Dress

The pattern is Grainline’s Alder dress and I made no significant changes to fit or design other than slightly adjusting the pocket placement.

Cat Print Alder Dress

Jen at Grainline is a genius when it comes to armholes – she drafts them perfect every time. No gaping, no pulling, not too low or too high. And the armscye works for everyone – even if you need to do an FBA/SBA on her patterns, you don’t have to mess with those armholes. It’s like the Goldilocks armhole.

Cat Print Alder Dress

This cute print is from Stitch Lab here in Austin. It’s a quilting cotton but it works well for this pattern. The little round kitties on this print are so much fun – it’s like wearing Neko Atsume on your body.

The simple plastic buttons are from my stash.

Cat Print Alder Dress

I always get compliments on it when I wear it because of the print. People love cats!

  • fayedoll1

    Your Adler is so cute!

  • Love the fabric and the dress is really cute, I love a shirt dress.

  • Alder is so the perfect summer frock and this version is no exception! I love the kitty fabric – total Neko Atsume 😀

  • Lia Marcoux

    FANTASTIC! Every so often I consider this pattern but I hadn’t seen it made in quilting cotton before…and I love it. What an awesome excuse to buy all that beautiful stuff for something other than pocketing.

  • Helene

    Love it! Cat dresses are always a good choice, weirdly. I keep waffling on this pattern because I don’t think it would be my style but you’re rocking it!

  • I’m not a cat person but I am a big fan of this dress <3 🙂

  • That print is adorable! I’m glad to know quilting cotton works well with Alder, because I’ve been wanting to make another!

  • I love it! I want your whole outfit – sandals included! I have to agree with you about Grainline’s armhole drafting too, they always fit really well!