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Pin-Up Girls Classic Bra Pattern, or, making things awkward for my real life friends


For some reason I keep copying Colette – first it was my black and white Jasmine top that mimicked their sample, now I’m making the same bra pattern Sarai made about a week ago. Next thing you know I’ll be making light blue capri Colvers.


In my defense, none of these things were intentional. In my desire to learn more about swimwear sewing I found myself at looking at bra kits and patterns because swim suit sewing and lingerie sewing have much in common. The next day I bought a kit and found out Sarai (and others) had already done the same!


I bought the red kit, a set of underwires and the Pin-Up Girls Classic pattern with the full band across the front (as opposed to the partial band).

Note: If you don’t live in Ontario it might save you some money to buy supplies from another site like Merckwaerdigh. They are a Dutch company but they have an easy to navigate Etsy site and a harder to navigate Ebay site (in my opinion). On their Etsy they sell notions kits for $7.43 USD with $4 for shipping vs BMS’s $17.60 USD notions kit with probably $4 for shipping. And Merck’s kit is for one bra and one brief while BMS is only for one bra. Merck also has more color combos for notions. BMS sells individual underwire pairs for $2.20 USD while Merck sells 6 packs of wires for $6. Merck’s full kits (notions and fabric) are also cheaper.


Excuse me if this admission is TMI (or really shows my age) but I seriously have never owned a non-foam cup bra. This is my first soft, seamed bra ever so this is kind of a new wearing experience for me. Now when you think about it, I’m 24 and shaped cups became popular in about the mid 90s right? I can’t be the only one who’s been foam-only.


Ok – on to the nitty gritty! Sewing this bra was very rewarding. Sure, I made many mistakes but none that couldn’t be corrected or done better next time. And for some reason my 3 step zig zag looks more like scallops than points. But even with mistakes and do-overs I still finished the whole thing in only a couple hours!

Pin-Up Girls Classic Bra PatternPin-Up Girls Classic Bra Pattern

I didn’t have any fitting issues (I’m a pretty standard size) and the directions for the pattern were pretty easy to follow. The images for stitching the elastic could have been clearer, though, but I figured it out eventually.


The only problem I have with this bra that I will fix next time is I didn’t stretch the elastic enough in the under arm area so it doesn’t fit as snug as I’d like. But other than that, it fits (even if the cups look a little baggy on my dressform) and looks great and was a snap to sew!


If you have any fears about jumping into bra making I say go for it! I think I’m hooked now and I’m on the hunt for new fabrics and elastics. I want to try more bra styles and add pretty lace and details. And of course I’m going to try to adapt this pattern for a supportive bikini top.


The only problem with bra sewing and blogging about it is that several of my friends and family read this so, um, yeah, next time we get together they’ll probably be wondering if I’m wearing this bra at that moment. Awkward………

***Have you ever sewn your own underwear? Do you have any resources that I should know about? What about a favorite pattern?? Best place to buy fabric?

Comments (14) for post “Pin-Up Girls Classic Bra Pattern, or, making things awkward for my real life friends”

  • I have been thinking about making a bra. I am thinking about doing the Oohlala Pin up sew along to have some guidance. I’m excited to see how successful you were on your own though. Thanks for the tips on where to shop!

  • I’m 24 also and have just started to stray from foam/shaped cup bras! (didn’t think I’d ever see myself type that in a comment box!) I’d love to try sewing my own underthings, especially bras, but am pretty intimidated. Thanks for sharing the details of your project. It really looks amazing!

    • well, I never thought I’d be posting my unmentionables on the interwebs either, so… haha!

      I was really surprised at how easy it was to make. I was pretty intimidated at first, too.

  • You project is very nice. Thank you for sharing. Than you for the tips also. I had an old book of sewing with numerous patterns of bra. Unfortunately I lost it when I relocated in different city.

  • Hi!!
    I’m also interested to try sewing a bra, i already saw so much cute and nice version, on Collette Pattern blog, on “very purple person” blog, now on your blog…
    I think i will give a try 😉
    My only fear are all those explanations in english (i’m french) but… maybe… because there are so much pictures… i think i can do it!

    thank you for your tips about where to buy the kit!

    • i was very inspired by very purple person’s lingerie sets, really nice color combinations!

      if you can find translations for the technical words in the pattern the rest should be easy to understand. you seem to have a fairly good grasp of basic english words. go for it!

  • This may be the most awesome post title…
    And you are so brave! I’m not sure I’m up to making a bra but I have been thinking about swimwear. Maybe I should try.

  • This is amazing, looks so professional!! I’ve always hated padded bras, and find it nearly impossible to find pretty, underwired, soft cup bras – so this has to be the way forward! I’ve made plenty of pairs of knickers from a simple pattern I drafted years ago (great for using up scraps) and have always lamented the lack of matching me-made bras…

    • thank you! yeah, i really want to make some undies, too, because i have so many knit jersey scraps. i just need some more pretty elastic and the motivation to actually do it. ha!

  • It looks really lovely! I have the same pattern but have yet to make it up, though I aim to in order to base a swimsuit on it… I have made nursing sleep bras and undies and it was so fun to make them exactly in the fabric I love (bold stripes) instead of the boring fabrics in RTW underthings.

  • Looks great! I think Colette’s post was timely, indeed. I’d been curious about bra making/panty sewing for a while (I blame it all on Zoe!), then there was the most recent Threads article, then the Colette post. So I finally popped on to order from BMS… ugh, my order sat for ages and they’ve finally shipped. I can’t wait to start making bras, in the mean time made a lingerie set.

  • I wonder if your 3 step zig zag might be scalloped due to the needle tension being a tad too tight though to be honest the wider you make it the more it has a tendency to scallop.

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