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The Colette Clover Muslin version 2

Yesterday I posted my 1st version of my Colette Clover muslin, here’s muslin #2. Some caveats for this version, I didn’t add interfacing to the waistband so it’s a little droopy and I didn’t iron any seams (or some fold lines out of the fabric, either). Still it’s quite an improvement over the original, completely non-adjusted version. I’m learning a lot of about my shape in relation to this pattern. Apparently I have wide hips,…

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The Colette Clover Muslin version 1

Unlike some people, I have pants/jeans that fit me really well. Those dang Gap jeans must be woven with angel hair or something ’cause they fit like a glove. The only problem I tend to experience with them is that they stretch out even with only 1% spandex (I’ve checked). But any time I try to make my own skinny jeans/pants I always hit major roadblocks in fit. My friend said it’s because my hands…

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Colette Juniper trousers

So, uh, yeah, when I saw the new Colette offerings I just about screamed. I don’t always love the Colette designs. Some don’t appeal to me although I can appreciate the quality and style of the patterns. But these two new patterns, the Juniper pants and the Anise jacket, are to die for. I own the Clover pattern but I was worried about the crotch not fitting me well because the shape looked so foreign…

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Decoding the Derriere, or, have you read the word “crotch” enough today?

Here’s something you may not know – Google scours the internet reading key words on websites to decide how important and relevant that website is in search results. If you have too many no-no words Google might confuse your site with say, a p*rn site. So if you notice that I use a lot of euphemisms for your backside – it’s not that I can’t bring myself to say certain words – it’s just that…

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Simplicity 3850, or, a very wearable muslin

  I’m thinking about organizing my posts a little differently from now on. Rather than just writing up all the details however I want I’ll have little sections on the fabric and pattern and alterations and what not. What do you like reading more- a kind of pattern review style or “the facts” on sew weekly, or do you like a more leisurely few paragraphs on whatever points I want to talk about? Goal: I…

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The Jeans from Hell Return

Did you recognize the top of these jeans from yesterday’s Jasmine post? Yep – those are the Jeans from Hell!! I feel like I need some sound effects right here – like thunder and chainsaws and someone screaming. I believe I may have salvaged them. After getting the fit somewhat decent I trimmed and hemmed the legs, serged all the insides and top stitched the crotch line and partially down the sides, mimicking RTW jeans….

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The Jeans from Hell

***Ahem, this is going to be a very long and technical description of my jeans fitting nightmare. You have been warned! If you’re into that sort of thing, please read and give me advice. If fitting ain’t your thing you can come back later for my finished pants. 😉 I want to take these jeans out to my back yard and beat them senseless – Office Space style. Why you ask? Because they are evil….

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A sewing first: Leggings!

I planned to save this pattern until fall when I thought I’d actually wear leggings (it is 100+ degrees outside right now) but then I decided to wear this dress to Chicago. The problem with this dress is I bought it online and it is uncomfortably short. I’ve worn it with skinny jeans before but I don’t really like that look so instead I thought I’d whip up some leggings with this huge batch of…

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