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Tag: Never Fear Knits

Never Fear Knits Pt 7

What!? We’ve reached the end of Never Fear Knits?? Well to sum everything up here’s some troubleshooting, plus some good books and places to find knits online. Troubleshooting Below are possible problems you may encounter in your knit sewing journey… (click on the image for a closer look)  This is why I don’t recommend using a straight stitch to sew knits. Here I used a straight stitched then pulled the fabric too hard and the thread…

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Never Fear Knits Pt 6

(top: stay tape, middle: clear elastic, bottom: regular elastic) Thanks for following along with the series so far! Today we’re talking support systems – stabilizers, elastic, interfacing, etc. To recap, you can read all the Never Fear Knits posts here. InterfacingOccasionally you’ll come across a knit pattern that requires interfacing – think wide waistbands on jersey dresses. Yes, they do make knit interfacing and yes, it does stretch. You’ll find it in the store mixed…

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Never Fear Knits Pt 5

Woohoo! Now we get down to the nitty gritty – actually sewing those knit fabrics! Warning! This is a really long post. Fabric Preparation Just like with wovens it is a good idea to pre-wash your fabric. Knits are especially known to shrink in the wash. After you’ve washed and dried the fabric according to it’s fiber requirements you should lay the fabric out flat before sewing. It needs to “rest” for awhile. If your…

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Never Fear Knits Pt 4

This is part 4 of the on going series on how to sew knits fabrics. If you want to catch up you can start at the beginning here: Never Fear Knits Pt 1Tools of the TradeJust like with wovens it is good practice to use appropriate needles. That means the right size for the weight and type of fabric.   Going a step further, you’ll need ball point needles for knits. They may also be…

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Never Fear Knits Pt 3

Today we’re talking fiber and fabric types as well as how to find the right knit for your pattern. Fiber TypesJust like wovens, knits are made with a variety of fibers – cotton, wool, silk, rayon, bamboo, spandex, polyester, lycra, nylon, etc. Most RTW t-shirts are made of cotton or a poly/cotton blend. Athletic wear and swimwear probably have some extra stretchy fibers like spandex and nylon. (Right: wool single knit, Left: bamboo jersey. Bamboo…

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Never Fear Knits Pt 2

Let’s get started on our introduction to knits! First thing’s first – what exactly are knit fabrics and how are they different from wovens? (close up and enhanced pic of a woven quilting cotton) Woven fabrics consist of alternating yarns inter-weaved perpendicular to each other. Remember doing basket weaving in elementary school – same concept, only smaller and with tiny yarns on a big giant loom. (Left: close up of the right side of a…

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