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Tag: Never Fear Knits

Never Fear Knits Ballet Dress Sew-a-long Pt 4

Almost finished! All we have to do now is attach the collar and hem the sleeves and skirt. Fold the collar piece in half matching up the short ends and stitch across. Now fold the collar in half long ways and iron/pin together. With right sides together, match the collar seam to the center back of the neck opening. Then match the center front. I know that the collar piece is smaller than the neck…

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Never Fear Knits Ballet Dress Sew-a-long Pt 3

Today we’re finishing the basic structure of the dress and later we’ll move on to the final details. Let’s add those sleeves! First pin and stitch the sleeve seam. Easy peasy, right? With the sleeve right side out slip the sleeve inside the bodice through the armhole. Match up the bodice side seam to the sleeve seam. Match up all notches and center dot to shoulder seam. See, it’s just like a woven set in…

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Never Fear Knits Ballet Dress Sew-a-long Pt 2

Yay! Today we get to actually sew something! Let’s get started. I’m using my serger but remember you can always sew knits on your regular sewing machine. Before you get started it’s a good idea to take a scrap piece of fabric to test your machine’s tension. Avoid seam ripping with a little prep work!   Pin the bodice pieces together at the shoulders and side seams. Next stitch both side seams. For the shoulder…

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Never Fear Knits Ballet Dress Sew-a-long Begins!

Whew – I had a crazy holiday but I’m back and ready for business! First thing’s first – the Ballet Dress pattern is now up for sale! I know, I know, you all love free patterns but making patterns is a lot of work! I still have many other patterns for free to download. In this post we’ll print out the pattern, prepare our fabrics, find our size and cut out our pieces. Print the…

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Ballet Dress Pattern

Whoa! I had a super busy day today – from making, packing and mailing gifts to baking a birthday cake for my boyfriend to going to a sewing party (look! Someone made peanut butter button cookies!). I only got home a few minutes ago and I know I promised I’d post the pattern today so here I am. Go here to Download the Ballet Dress PDF Pattern In five sizes! Instructions included! Remember to print…

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Never Fear Knits Pt 7

What!? We’ve reached the end of Never Fear Knits?? Well to sum everything up here’s some troubleshooting, plus some good books and places to find knits online. Troubleshooting Below are possible problems you may encounter in your knit sewing journey… (click on the image for a closer look)  This is why I don’t recommend using a straight stitch to sew knits. Here I used a straight stitched then pulled the fabric too hard and the thread…

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Never Fear Knits Pt 6

(top: stay tape, middle: clear elastic, bottom: regular elastic) Thanks for following along with the series so far! Today we’re talking support systems – stabilizers, elastic, interfacing, etc. To recap, you can read all the Never Fear Knits posts here. InterfacingOccasionally you’ll come across a knit pattern that requires interfacing – think wide waistbands on jersey dresses. Yes, they do make knit interfacing and yes, it does stretch. You’ll find it in the store mixed…

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Never Fear Knits Pt 5

Woohoo! Now we get down to the nitty gritty – actually sewing those knit fabrics! Warning! This is a really long post. Fabric Preparation Just like with wovens it is a good idea to pre-wash your fabric. Knits are especially known to shrink in the wash. After you’ve washed and dried the fabric according to it’s fiber requirements you should lay the fabric out flat before sewing. It needs to “rest” for awhile. If your…

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