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Made by Rae Cleo Skirt

Made by Rae Cleo Skirt

I made this skirt for another class I’m teaching at The Cloth Pocket. I’ve been looking for a good new skirt pattern lately because I prefer wearing skirts/dresses to pants/shorts in the summer.

This is the Made by Rae Cleo Skirt. I sewed the shorter View A.

Made by Rae Cleo Skirt

This is a basic skirt design the contrast hem band gives it a bit more style. I also prefer these types of pockets to side seam pockets and I like the flat front waistband combined with a gathered back waistband as opposed to elastic all the way around.

Made by Rae Cleo Skirt

The main fabric is a Japanese linen/cotton blend and the hem band is a textured cotton, both from The Cloth Pocket.

Made by Rae Cleo Skirt

The pattern instructions are thorough but I do have one complaint – the pattern pieces come in two sheets, one of which (the sheet with the largest pieces) is printed on BOTH SIDES. This means you have to trace those pieces.

Now, you might say “well, I always trace my pieces anyway” and I hear you but these pieces are 95% rectangles. Meaning on a normal pattern you could just cut out the largest size and fold down the excess to your size, thereby keeping the pattern intact without needing to trace.

I understand that this is likely just a printing issue. The printers are only capable of printing certain size paper and another giant sheet won’t fit in the envelope. I get it. But I’m still grumpy about it.

Made by Rae Cleo Skirt

As a comparison, Made by Rae’s Washi dress has you tape two sheets together to get a full pattern piece, this is just a problem with her printer company.

Made by Rae Cleo SkirtMy only problem with this actual skirt itself is the elastic I chose. I specifically bought thick “non-roll” elastic, yet, it rolls. It simply refuses to stand straight no matter what I do. Oh well, live and learn — and then sew it again!!

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