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One Week, One Pattern

Self drafted t-shirt

Ooops, I’m a little late on this one. But I think I have an excuse – I was out of town all weekend for a wedding so I wasn’t able to blog (but I was able to wear my Macaron dress for the wedding. It’s nice to have clothing that serves a purpose in your wardrobe).

The Goal: Anyway, even if I am a little late I have been wearing my “One Week, One Pattern” pattern. If you don’t know what Tilly’s One Week, One Pattern is you can check out the info on her blog or I could just tell you – you pick one sewing pattern that you love enough to create multiple looks from and wear the garments for a whole week (or most of it, anyway).

Self drafted t-shirt

The Pattern: This is a self drafted t-shirt (because you all know I love my knits!) which is similar to this pattern in some ways. I thought it would be good for OWOP because I knew I’d need to make a few versions to get it right and I have some fabrics that I really wanted to use.

Self drafted t-shirt

The shirt is loose fitting (which I love for hot summers) which is slightly cropped in front but longer in back. It’s got a scoop neck and drop shoulder sleeves.

The Fabric: I’ve made two versions so far and I have one left in the mix to sew. This was my first draft that I made out of some bland taupe jersey I bought specifically for muslins but I think the end result looks good enough to wear.

Self drafted t-shirt

The Changes: It took some trial and error to get the sleeves right but next time I’m trying a different approach. Also, some time later this week I hope to try ombre dyeing this shirt. The beige is a little dull for my taste and I want to try this technique but didn’t have any projects in mind. I’m still not sure what color I want, though. I’ll be overdying the existing color so the dye won’t look exactly like the package. I’ll need to test a scrap piece first.

Self drafted t-shirt

The Results: This will be another great top for summer. I’m planning a version in a striped jersey which I think will look pretty cool as the stripes meet at the sleeve cuffs.

Self drafted t-shirt

I hope to finish all three versions I want to make and then draft up a new multi-size pattern. Yay!

Thanks Tilly, for organizing this awesome challenge!

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  • You look gorgeous! The top looks like such a great staple, but with a very stylish modern edge. I love the drape to the back – its very elegant! I can’t wait to see your other versions!

  • Very cute version.
    Dont worry about starting late, I also did this. Although I have less of a decent excuse than you… I might just have thought it started on on day not Sat…
    I cant wait to see the other versions.

    And why not over dye it with some colour like teal, or purple as they will still look good slightly greyer.

    • Thanks, I think teal or purple would be good, too, especially a darker shade that might work over the existing color without being washed out.

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