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Sleeve Experiments – Simplicity 2956


A few weeks ago, the lovely Rachel from Always a Project sent me a few patterns in the mail. Thanks Rachel!!


So of course I had to try them out starting with Simplicity 2956.

I wanted to try this sleeve design which I had seen on some RTW shirts but that I had never worn or made.


I changed a couple parts of the pattern, though. I made the basic v-neck t-shirt design but I nixed the empire waist (because I usually end up looking preggers) and the bubble hem because it was just easier not to.


This is the third garment I’ve made from this pink jersey. The first was a failed skirt and the second was a failed top with fancy flounces. I didn’t have much luck with either which left me with not much leftover fabric so the sleeves are about 2 inches shorter than they are in the pattern. I had to make due with what I had left.

What I like about the shirt – the v-neck and the little shoulder gathers are a fun touch. Unfortunately I can’t say that I like the sleeves.


Just like with the last top I made I feel like I’m constantly messing with the shirt to get it to lay right. The sleeves don’t look as drapey as in the pattern photo and they seem too poofy at the top. Maybe I don’t like ruffles and flounces and gathers as much as I thought. Maybe I should have worn a shirt in a store with sleeves like this? Maybe I should have made a bigger size for the sleeves?? Maybe it was the curse of the pink jersey!?!


It’s frustrating when things don’t work out when you put so much effort and time into it but I’m not giving up completely. There are other design elements of this pattern that I’d like to try out and I have a couple other patterns that Rachel sent that I can work with. All hope is not lost and at least I used up all that darn pink fabric!

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  • I think I’m with you on the flounces and ruffles and all things related. I love looking at them, but when I made M6026 view B, I felt like chiquita banana. So I hacked the sleeves off, and now have a sleeveless jersey dress which has become a total basic in my wardrobe, I wear it at least once a week. Try removing the sleeves, I hate the thought of hard work going in the donate box, but sometimes it is inevitable…

  • I love it – but I also love the other pink top. Maybe the pink jersey is a little too stiff and heavy and you should use a softer one (like the white one you used for the loose fit top) for both tops so that the sleeves can be more flowly…

  • I think it looks great too, you are totally pulling off the sleeves! But the first thing I noticed is that fantastic v-neck – how did you get the binding to lay so well in the v? I have been avoiding v-necks for this reason…

  • Thanks, everyone, for making me feel better about the shirt. 🙂

    Rachel – you’re right, especially when I’m going out of my fashion comfort zone.

    Fubsy – the fabric isn’t very stiff at all, actually, but I wonder if I used a fabric with some rayon or something in it if that would make it more drapey than the 100% cotton like this pink fabric?

    aleah – thanks, well, I’m not sure how experienced you are with knit collars so this is what I did. I cut the collar piece shorter than the measurement of the neck opening. I serged them together and then stitched the serged seam down flat with a twin needle. For the actual V part – I folded the binding in half and then sewed a 45 degree angled line from the center front, if that makes sense. I basically copied a RTW t-shirt that I had.

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