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Loose Fit Knit Top with Cuffed Sleeves

Loose Fit Knit Top with Cuffed Sleeves

Here’s another altered version of the top I made earlier this week, this time in a white, burnout jersey. The fabric is semi-sheer so I have to wear a cami underneath but I really like the fun striped design. Unlike the other shirt, this shirt doesn’t have set in sleeves and instead has little cuffs on the sleeves.

Loose Fit Knit Top with Cuffed  Sleeves

Loose Fit Knit Top with Cuffed Sleeves

***I used to offer a pattern for this top but I’ve replaced it with the Summer Concert Tee.

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  • The top pattern I have been searching for all my [sewing] life! I am definitely going to be making a few of these to up my “self-stitched” top count as I gear up for Self-Stitched September…

    If it’s ok, I’ll be posting on my blog when I’ve made a couple, I will of course link back to your lovely blog, and I’d be delighted if you had a moment to have a look yourself.


  • Great pattern! Do you mind me asking – what software do you use to draw your patterns with please? I want to draw my own patterns and I’m trying to use CorelDRAW, but was thinking about getting pattern making software too πŸ™‚

  • Claire, I just use Adobe Illustrator, no specific pattern making software although I’m interested in buying some but I’m afraid to make a commitment when I don’t know which kind is best, you know?

  • ^ LOL, thanks for the reply! You’re similar to me then re: saving $ (or £ in my case!) on some software I don’t know how to use yet πŸ™‚ CorelDRAW is similar I think (?) to AI, and as I’m pretty much self taught on CD and enjoy it so much I think (for now) I’ll save my pennies and stick with what I already know πŸ™‚

  • Hi Dixie,

    I’m so happy I found your blog. Your patterns are perfect! I’ve made one Loose Fit Knit Top, two T-Shirt-Dresses and one Two-Piece-Tunic. Every finished garment fits just the way I wished to. I didn’t make any alterations. When I went to my parents’ wearing the One-Piece-Tunic, my mom couldn’t believe I had made it by myself. She compimented me every time she looked at it πŸ™‚
    I am a busty, feminine size 16, sometimes 18 and your biggest size is perfect for me, slighty loose and comfy.
    As a specialist in the metric system I can tell you, 4 inches are not 5 cm ^^ It’s about 10 cm.
    Greetings from Heidelberg,

  • Fubsy – ugh, I’ve made that 5cm typo before. I don’t know why it’s in my head to type 5cm not 10cm. Sorry about that! I thought I had corrected it. Which pattern did you see that error? I just want to make sure it’s been fixed and re-uploaded.

    Thanks for the comment and I’m so glad everything fits! You don’t know how happy that makes me to hear it πŸ™‚

  • Thanks for the pattern, Dixie. I made a tunic variation and reviewed it on I love the result!


  • hi dixie .. I’m super new to sewing .. like super new like I’m in the middle of my first sewing project rt now new ANDA from the burdstyle website) and I wanted to use your pattern for my second project and I was wondering is there anyway to make this shirt longer.. like mid thigh longer while keeping it super loose .. If you have tips on how I can do that, I would appreciate it ..


  • hey, is there any way I could get my hands on the swing top pattern?

    I was half way through making it and I messed up my print out and of course the file was saved on my computer that died a few months back so I can’t print it out again =(

    I would just wing it but I’m making it out of really nice Liberty print jersey and I don’t want to mess it up!


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