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Four beautiful words….

99 cent pattern sale!
99 cent pattern sale!

Unless I immediately want to make a certain pattern, I will make a note of the number and wait until the store has a 99 cent sale and then I stock up. πŸ™‚

Most of these are more recent McCall’s released from spring and summer.
I’m thinking of using some fabric from my stash to make a shirt using the 6354 pattern.

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  • Wonderful sewing patterns! I can’t wait to see them made up. I have a muslin of 6331 right now, but I haven’t had time to put it together yet. :]

  • I’m making the 6354 right now, well, I’m at the muslin stage, but so far so good – it’s easy and fast.

    I should be done by Saturday, I’ll post the results and thoughts on the pattern then.

  • Rebecca, I really want to work on 6331 I just need to find a good fabric.

    Jess, I actually just finished a version of 6354, it turned out ok, but that’s mostly due to the fabric.

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